Human Pregnancy

Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international egg donor and surrogate agency, is one of the most highly respected businesses in the industry. It has worked diligently to receive such praise. It skillfully balances professionalism and consideration when helping childless couples and individuals fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

The many principles of this family building foundation include the privilege to secure the best surrogate mothers across the nation. These surrogates, often described as guardian angels, have the innate desire to make an amazing difference in the lives of others. Each woman is compelled to be of service after listening to heartfelt stories of those who have battled infertility or have been rendered infertile following cancer treatments.

Conversely, Extraordinary Conceptions hears the remarkable stories as to why these women want to serve those in need. In return, surrogates at this agency are safeguarded in multiple ways. Its prominent Surrogate Intake Team has tried to be replicated by other agencies, but one thing that cannot be mirrored is the professionalism and compassion of this savvy team.

In addition to offering a generous compensation which ranges from $30,000 to $60,000, they also afford surrogate mothers monthly direct deposits, online Surrogate Sisterhood support groups, pay for a surrogate’s travel expenses upfront, and offer an incomparable life insurance policy.

Jane Collette, a Surrogacy Coordination Specialist at Extraordinary Conceptions, works directly with its surrogates in obtaining the most optimum life insurance policy.

“Extraordinary Conceptions has set the bar high, far exceeding others within the industry by requiring ‘Extraordinary Angels’ be insured for $500,000 of life insurance. We want each surrogate to have peace of mind knowing her loved ones would be provided for in such a heart rendering circumstance,” Collette said. “Extraordinary’s staff is knowledgeable and well experienced, always available to answer questions and will provide excellent and convenient referrals to well qualified insurance specialists who will assist and guide surrogates with their insurance needs.”

The common life insurance industry amount is $250,000.

When potential surrogates begin researching agencies, as they comb through the gamut of support Extraordinary Conceptions offers, they are impressed that such an agency truly cares for their well-being and that of their family.

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