Equality & Surrogacy

New pioneers continue to emerge in the LGBT community and shape the future.

When obstacles bring up feelings of discouragement, trailblazers toss them aside and move full speed ahead. New pioneers continue to emerge in the LGBT community and shape the future.   

All can agree that the advancements in third-party reproduction have been tremendous. And due to this, more individuals and couples are seeking it when traditional conception and pregnancy may not be an option.

Everyone has the right to the love of a child and there is no room for discrimination. And this is what makes third-party reproduction so extraordinary.

While last month marked the first year that the U.S. Supreme Court declared that same-sex marriage was legal throughout the nation, it has naturally triggered a reflection of more “firsts.”

For example, who was the first gay couple that pursued surrogacy to start their family?

According to Kaitlin Kimont of Romper.com, it is believed that the first gay couple came from across the pond. These trailblazers were Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow of Great Britain. And their due diligence was comprehensive. 

Kimont rooted out an interview in the Daily Mail back in 2009.

“Eleven or 12 years ago when we started looking into this surrogacy as in its infancy and gay surrogacy was almost unheard of,” one of the fathers, Tony, told the Daily Mail. “We had to go to the other side of the world to California to find doctors who would first of all be able to do it and who would be willing to do it. You couldn’t just put surrogacy into Google like everyone does now.”

How true. It’s not like today where a simple online search will capture numerous options for the LBGT community who are ready to build a family.

Though interesting, it’s not surprising to discover that the fathers were able to achieve their parenthood in California. A state where surrogacy laws are friendly and their names would be on their children’s birth certificates.

These men followed their hopes and dreams and became fathers in a day when it was thought impossible. Despite the adversity, their courage and persistence for equality undoubtedly made a profound impact for other gay men.

As these special men are thanked for their determination, let’s celebrate the compassionate surrogates and egg donors who have helped those fatherhood dreams become a reality for so many men.