How Every Surrogate Story Inspires

Women who become surrogates have inspiring stories to share.

Every woman who decides to become a surrogate does it for her own reasons. She may have heard a story about a couple struggling with infertility or learned how women might become infertile after cancer treatments.

Whatever the reason, it’s her story to tell on why she became a surrogate.


Surrogacy Stories: First Learning About It

When a woman partners with a surrogacy agency, she learns that keeping the privacy about her intending parents is part of that process. However, she is free to share her own story about the experience.

Shannon, a former two-time California surrogate, decided to do it after she had her children. She came across the idea when she was online one day. That “idea” sat with her for a few years before she applied to an agency.

“A few years later after I saw it online, I decided that I did want to be pregnant. I just didn’t want to have any more children,” she said.

For Shannon, it was time to help someone who wanted to be a parent.

“I thought surrogacy would be the cool thing to do,” Shannon said.

And it was.

Shannon described the pregnancies with her children as a cakewalk. She never had morning sickness, and her deliveries were easy.

When the idea of becoming a surrogate seemed more real, Shannon talked to her husband. He was very supportive.

That was important to Shannon because surrogacy is a family effort. Her husband was on board and so was the rest of her family.


Finding A Surrogacy Agency

Shannon decided to sign up with a California surrogacy agency. She did her research online. Shannon located a company whose founder opened the business after he and his wife struggled for years with infertility. Their story moved Shannon.

Shannon applied with the agency and had a successful phone interview. Following this, they continued her on in the process. What Shannon was most impressed with was their level of communication – they were always there for her.

“It was an amazing experience, and it really was just a step-by-step process,” she said. “My case coordinator kept me informed and up to date on what was going on.”


Surrogacy Success Stories: The Total Experience

There’s no doubt about it. Surrogacy success stories have a way of inspiring people, and Shannon’s experience was no different.

Her first journey was in 2014 with a single birth. It was an incredible time in her life. So, she decided to do it again a couple of years later. In 2016, Shannon delivered twins, a boy and a girl.

“When I gave birth to the twins, their mother was there with me. She cut the umbilical cords, and I saw the tears in her eyes,” Shannon said. “She fell in love with her babies instantly.”

Since only one person could be in the delivery room, dad was next to enter. He had the same expression. Shannon describes that “look” as unforgettable.

“I wouldn’t trade that moment for anything,” she said.