Extraordinary August Surrogate Signing Bonus Incentives

Extraordinary Conceptions celebrates the end of summer with special bonuses.

Last month Extraordinary Conceptions, which is considered a leading international surrogacy and egg donor agency headquartered in Southern California, received an overwhelming response to its Christmas in July Double Signing Bonus for new surrogates. After such a response, its executive team members agreed to extend the double signing bonus, as well as adding another extraordinary incentive.

“Our ‘Double Surrogate Signing Bonus,’ enables our qualified applicants from the United States and Canada to receive $750 once medical clearance is issued and another $750 once legal clearance is issued,” said Mario Caballero, chief executive officer of Extraordinary Conceptions. “In addition to the Double Surrogate Signing Bonus, during the month of August we are offering repeat surrogates who re-interview and/or apply, even if they were with a different agency than Extraordinary Conceptions with a $3,000 Signing Bonus. These repeat surrogates must be ready to start the process immediately, in order to qualify for the $3,000 signing bonus. The monies from this particular incentive will be dispersed after all screenings and legal contracts are signed.”

Caballero noted that the positive feedback their agency received from their Christmas in July Double Signing Bonus was both heartwarming and exceptional. Women are stepping forward to help individuals and couples build a family that they could not have without the help of a compassionate surrogate.

“As the need for more surrogates rise with each passing day, more women are answering this kindhearted call. We want to continue this wonderful momentum with our bonus incentives so intending parents who have yearned to have a child of their own can experience the love of a child through surrogacy,” Caballero said.

Women who are interested in becoming a surrogate have already completed their own families.  They’ve reached a point in their lives where they want nothing more than to help others.

In addition to a signing bonus incentive, complete benefit packages for surrogates start at $40,000 and above.

“While new surrogates help make parenthood dreams come true, the memories of a surrogacy journey is rife with indelible memories,” Caballero said.


Bonus Incentives Eligibility

To qualify for these August Bonus Incentives, applicants must complete the application/registration by August 31, 2016. Qualified applicants will receive their particular bonuses per agency guidelines. Applicants are encouraged to provide a referral’s name, if applicable. To begin the application process, please visit our surrogate application page at www.extraconceptions.com or call 760-438-2265.