Extraordinary Conceptions announces their return to Brazil

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Extraordinary Conceptions announces their return to Brazil

EC returns to Brazil in August 2017 to discuss surrogacy in the USA.

EC returns to Brazil in August 2017 to discuss surrogacy in the USA.

Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international egg donor and surrogacy agency based in the United States in California, will be hosting complimentary consultations and private appointments throughout Brazil in August 2017.

For more than a decade, Extraordinary Conceptions has had the honor to help intended parents build their families around the world. This highly regarded agency has been featured in both print media and broadcast journalism.

Extraordinary Conceptions will be in Brazil from August 1 to August 4, 2017. Space is limited, so it is recommended that you book your appointment as soon as possible.

Attendees will learn about the agency, its high success rates, fertility centers, how doctors help intended parents, elite egg donors, and the women who want to help carry a baby for those wanting to become mothers and fathers through surrogacy.

Those who attend will also learn how individuals and couples can rely on the United States because of its stable laws in surrogacy-friendly states. Another important item covered is how new parents will return home with their baby who has an American passport and a birth certificate which has the names of the intended parents on it.

For those interested in scheduling a free, private consultation, please contact the agency’s Brazilian representative, Tatiana, by email at tatiana@extraconceptions.com or call 760-438-2265.


About Extraordinary Conceptions:

Extraordinary Conceptions is an International Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agency located in Southern California in the USA. Extraordinary Conceptions’ mission has always been to help as many people as possible fulfill their dreams of having children. They continue to stand up for equality and fight against discrimination to help create families all over the world. Please visit their website www.extraconceptions.com for more details on becoming an intended parent.


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