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Get to know Tere of the Surrogate Scoop

Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international surrogacy and egg donor agency headquartered in Southern California, recently announced that it has enhanced its social media experience for its followers through its creation of the Surrogate Scoop. With Surrogate Scoop, stories are coming to life on live video in an effort to make the company’s Facebook page filled with enjoyable and relevant information. 

The Surrogate Scoop is just a fun way to provide information, answer questions, or address comments on Facebook Live, Instagram and eventually on its own page of our website in a way that is more personal, real and in a casual atmosphere,” said Erica Hawkesworth, director of marketing at Extraordinary Conceptions. “This live feed is showing all of us as real people who work hard to help make parenthood dreams come true, and it’s meant to be completely interactive for anyone who wants to know more about surrogacy.

The face of Surrogate Scoop is Tere B., the agency’s surrogate advocate and former surrogate at Extraordinary Conceptions. According to Hawkesworth, Tere B. is beginning her second surrogacy journey where people can follow and share through its Surrogate Scoop format.

“Our goal is to give genuine and realistic answers to questions and concerns about surrogacy, to dispel myths and rumors about the process, and make women who are considering surrogacy more comfortable with their decision. It’s all about educating women in a real setting,” Hawkesworth said.

She went on to point out that there is no set schedule for the Surrogate Scoop. While some weeks may have a couple live feeds, other weeks may have more.

“Follow us on Facebook, and we will try to let you know when Tere B. will be going live ahead of time. But no worries if you miss it because the video will be on our page permanently,” Hawkesworth said. “You see, Tere B. also reviews questions from her videos and can answer them in the comments or address them the next time she goes live.”

To learn more about Surrogate Scoop on Facebook please visit: https://www.facebook.com/ExtraConception/.

Extraordinary Conceptions Launches “Surrogate Scoop” on Social Media

Tere B. chosen as the new host of Surrogate Scoop.