EC Welcomes Former Surrogate
Meeting the needs of Brazilians and South Americans, Extraordinary Conceptions is visiting Brazil this summer to help couples and individuals become intended parents. Regarded as one of the leading international agencies based in the United States of America, this California surrogacy and egg donor agency will be hosting free consultations in Rio de Janeiro.

California attorney, Stephanie Caballero, who is highly respected in third-party reproductive law, and Brazilian attorney, Tatiana Walton, will be assisting potential clients with agency questions. Above all, pertinent legal questions and answers regarding the surrogacy process in the United States of America will be discussed.

They will meet with intended parents in Rio de Janeiro from August 2 to 4.

In detail, Stephanie will explain how South American couples, including gay spouses, can rely on the United States of America for the surrogacy journey. She will provide excellent information on how these couples return back to their native country with their baby who has an American passport; and, the names of the intended parents on the newborn’s birth certificate.

Stephanie and Tatiana will also answer questions about fertility centers, the role of doctors in helping intended parents, and the women who would be happy to carry a baby for those wanting to become mothers and fathers through surrogacy.

For those interested in a free consultation, please contact Tatiana at [email protected] to learn more.

The information contained on this website should not be relied upon for decision making.  The laws related to surrogacy are constantly evolving and Extraordinary Conceptions makes no representation that any information contained herein is consistent with current  law. This information is provided solely as starting point.  Please consult with a reproductive attorney for the most current information applicable to your circumstance.