EC Welcomes Former SurrogateWhen Extraordinary Conceptions travels to Europe to host its educational receptions on surrogacy and where it’s legal to do so, they have the honor to meet exceptional individuals.

The timing for their recent European trip was sheer perfection for their international clients. It painted a canvas of hope to be framed for the New Year.

Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international surrogacy and egg donor agency based in Southern California, helps childless individuals and couples become families.

Mario Caballero, the executive director at this respected agency recalls a couple he met who embarked on a six-hour train ride from Bologna to Rome, Italy. The wife, he stated, already had five children with her former husband. Now remarried, she and her new husband took thoughtful steps to enlarge their family.

“The frozen embryos are here in the United States with a fertility doctor, and they have been working with another agency,” Caballero said. “They started with 15 frozen embryos and are now down to 2 because every surrogate the other agency provided was not the caliber they were looking for.”

Obviously, this couple expressed serious concern because the amount of frozen embryos they once had has dwindled to an alarming rate.

“They want to work with us because they have read so many things about our agency including our unwavering reputation,” he said, adding how they told him Extraordinary Conceptions was their last chance. “The couple is hoping they can get pregnant with a good, young surrogate so the wife can have one more child with her new husband.”

Caballero pointed out that the couple was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge on surrogacy and other medical pathways. Apparently the couples’ current doctor had not divulged such valuable information.

“This is why there are certain doctors I don’t refer clients to because they just don’t get all the information they should as international clients,” he said. “We recommend doctors that I would personally go to because of their high success rates, and that’s key.”

With compassion leading the way, Extraordinary Conceptions’ resolve is to safeguard its intended parents so they receive the best care available from fertility specialists flanked by elite surrogates and egg donors.

Every birth is Extraordinary Conceptions’ testament to their passionate mission to afford everyone the love of a child.

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