ecblog0011When Extraordinary Conceptions travels to Europe to meet couples and individuals, they always bring hope for those wanting to start a family. Based in the U.S.A., Extraordinary Conceptions is considered one of the leading international egg donor and surrogacy agencies around the globe.

Their recent 10-day European trip consisted of stops to Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, and Paris. Everywhere they went, Extraordinary Conceptions left the attainable dream of parenthood.

Mario Caballero, Executive Director at Extraordinary Conceptions, said he intentionally keeps these educational receptions small and intimate so everyone can receive the support they deserve to explore egg donation and surrogacy.

“It’s so important for us to build personal relationships with our potential intended parents because they are about to embark on an exciting journey in their quest for a child,” Caballero said.

While Caballero educated attendees about egg donation and surrogacy, a regarded in vitro fertilization (IVF) doctor was there, as well.

“We usually travel to Europe three times a year, and every time, we always meet the kindest individuals,” Caballero said. “On our recent trip, I met two couples which left me with an indelible imprint.”

While Caballero was in Amsterdam, he met a gay couple which was so different from others he had met in the past. This couple brought their mother and aunt.

“It was such a wonderful thing to see how their extended family was there to support these men. They full heartedly accepted the fact that they wanted to be fathers,” he said.

Immediately, Caballero invited the mother and aunt into the meeting because it was important that the whole family was involved.

Caballero made certain a translator was present to make everyone feel welcomed in answering their questions.

“Years ago, the aunt was a midwife and she was so curious to learn more about the science behind the surrogate process,” said Caballero, adding how educating people on surrogacy and egg donation is his unwavering mission. “We don’t always see extended families attend our meetings, but when they do, it’s really special for us.”

The gay couple, Caballero added, drove from Paris to Amsterdam. Apparently, they didn’t want to wait for Extraordinary Conceptions to arrive to Paris so they drove four hours to attend the meeting in Amsterdam.

“Later on our trip, I met a lovely couple in Zurich who were in their early 30s,” he said. “The wife was born without a uterus which rendered her incapable of carrying a baby.”

In this special case, it was both Caballero’s honor, as well as the IVF doctor, to explain the protocol in what was needed to move forward to have a child.

They explained the first step was discovering if her eggs could be used for IVF or if egg donation would be needed.

“They can start the process of determining whether she has high quality eggs in Europe or they can choose to come to the U.S.A. for this,” said Caballero, noting how many women come to the states.

After the medical screening, if her eggs are high quality, the next step is aspirating them a month or so later to create embryos for implantation to a surrogate.

That adds up to two trips to the U.S.A. if the medical screening is done in the states.

The third trip, “across the pond,” is to pick up their baby – that being the best trip of all.

“There are laws in certain countries which prevent couples from having children who suffer from infertility, illness, or are part of the LGBT community; and, we are here to help those people desperate to have a child finally cradle the baby they were meant to have,” Caballero said.

Extraordinary Conceptions plans to return to Europe once again in September visiting Italy and France. This time around, Caballero’s wife, Stephanie Caballero, the founder of Extraordinary Conceptions will take part in the educational receptions. For years, Stephanie suffered from infertility and eventually had twins via a surrogate. For anyone interested in attending one of these special meetings, please contact Stephanie directly at [email protected] for a private consultation.