Extraordinary Conceptions’ new office offers European hub

Extraordinary Conceptions’ new office in Spain is a destination for many future parents who live throughout Europe.

Extraordinary Conceptions knew their new international office in Barcelona, Spain would garner attention. However, they did not expect it to become a destination hub for future parents all over Europe who want to build a family through surrogacy.

Why Opening An International Office Was Important

Extraordinary Conceptions is a leading surrogacy and egg donor agency based in Southern California. It opened its Barcelona office on October l, 2017. Executive team members of the company toured all over Spain in September catching up with former clients and meeting new future parents.

Mario Caballero, the CEO of Extraordinary Conceptions, shared how their Barcelona office has naturally become a transitional office. His employee consultants that live in Italy, France, and Germany can personally meet their clients in Barcelona.

“Our European footprint has a central location and is the perfect destination. If personal meetings are unable to be done in other countries, our Barcelona office is a great meeting spot,” he said.

Moreover, these consultations with Extraordinary Conceptions’ representatives are free of charge.


Finding The Right International Team

Caballero said that the idea of having an international office was something he had thought about for some time. He waited for the right conditions. He found them by naming Maite Arboles, a resident of Barcelona, to lead his European operations. Arboles and her husband relied on Extraordinary Conceptions to help build their family. She was unable to carry a child following uterine cancer at 20 years of age.

Caballero describes Arboles as an incredible addition to the Extraordinary Conceptions family.

“Maite will offer her own experiences to those seeking third-party reproduction such as surrogacy and egg donation to create their families,” Caballero said. “Maite has a lot of experience in answering these types of related questions.”

Caballero is also delighted that their European headquarters will have somebody to answer those critical preliminary surrogacy-related topics.


Giving International Clients Peace Of Mind

Caballero wants people to know how providing peace of mind to their clients is a commitment they strive for every single day.

“One of the most common concerns people have who live outside of the United States that want to use surrogacy services are doubts. Thousands of miles away, there are naturally concerns. Our office in Barcelona is one way to help alleviate those doubts and concerns,” Caballero said. “While we have always been available with video conferencing, these in-person meetings in Barcelona are going to enhance the level of care we provide.”

Caballero also added that he chose Barcelona because of the ease of travel and airport accessibility. Rather than having international clients travel across the Atlantic Ocean to meet with Extraordinary Conceptions, they can have those early introductions in Spain.

Surrogacy is a journey for all involved. And building relationships with a surrogacy agency is one of the most critical pieces in the family building process.