*Limited time offer. Available until December 31st, 2014.

Some women living in California will be eligible to receive financial rewards for signing on as a surrogate.

Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international surrogate and egg donor agency based in San Diego County, recently launched a $500 signing bonus incentive.

This limited opportunity, available until Dec. 31, 2014, is intended for new surrogates living in California, only.

Surrogates at Extraordinary Conceptions have the potential to earn $30,000 to $60,000.

Mario Caballero, executive director at Extraordinary Conception’s, announced the generous signing bonus will be paid after a woman passes her screenings and legal contracts are signed.

Caballero pointed out why there is a demand for California surrogates.

“Surrogacy is known in California and our state law is the most user-friendly,” he said, adding how clients are drawn to the state for its weather and beauty. “And our clients feel that women living in California lead a healthy lifestyle which is important for women who want to become a surrogate.”

The need for more surrogates, Caballero shared, was evident during his last educational reception in Europe. More future parents from Europe and China who are unable to carry a baby, are interested in starting their families in 2015.

“We really want to be able to provide this opportunity for anyone in the world to experience the love of a child; and, the $500 signing bonus is our way of saying thank you to the women out there who will make parenthood dreams come true,” he said.

To begin the sign-up process, log onto or call (760) 438-2265.