Extraordinary Conceptions: A Year In Review 2017

The year of 2017 was all about growth, international expansion, and innovation at Extraordinary Conceptions.

Extraordinary Conceptions, an international surrogacy and egg donor agency with headquarters in Southern California, shares its official “Year in Review 2017.” For CEO Mario Caballero, 2017 was a year of growth, international expansion, and innovation.


New Office Headquarters

In the last 12 years, Extraordinary Conceptions has moved six times to accommodate its rapid growth. As the California surrogacy agency continues to climb the industry ranks, the need for a larger footprint was in demand.

Caballero believes their move in 2017 meant more than just a new, larger office. His mission was to build a collaborative work environment. This could make their already excellent client-centered care and service even better.

“We focused on creating a productive and friendly work environment,” Caballero said. “We wanted our new furniture, the accessories, the conference room and break room to be a place where our team wanted to work.”

Also, Caballero wanted to ensure that potential intending parents, surrogates, and egg donors who visited would feel an immediate welcome.

“Everyone has responded positively to our new office and all the thought and planning we put into this move,” he said.


Extraordinary Conceptions: A Year In Review 2017

California Surrogacy Agency Goes Global

While Extraordinary Conceptions was busy with building their new headquarters, it decided to expand with international surrogacy headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Caballero said this decision was to meet the growing demand for surrogacy in Europe.

The Barcelona office opened in October 2017.  Leading the European operations is Barcelona resident Maite Arboles who had her twins via surrogacy with Extraordinary Conceptions.

The European office vision was to provide a destination of education and information for intending parents who want to learn more about surrogacy in the United States. All consultations are free of charge.

“We want to be a surrogacy and egg donor agency that Europe can always trust,” Caballero said.


Extraordinary Conceptions: A Year In Review 2017

True Employee Appreciation

Caballero shares how over the years his company raised the level of care they provide their team members. While fostering a professional environment, they help enhance personal growth and opportunities.

Caballero and his human resources team work hard in elevating employee benefits and employee promotions.

“Just this year, I decided to sponsor and pay for any staff member that wanted to learn a second language,” he said.  “At the end of the day, we invest in our employees, so employees love to work here.”


Extraordinary Conceptions: A Year In Review 2017

Personalized Care for Extraordinary Surrogates

In 2017, Caballero and his executive team expanded its surrogacy department in a variety of ways. While their Facebook Live Surrogate Scoop continues to soar in popularity, the agency added some other caring perks.

Care Coordinators are now on the roster. This special team reaches out to surrogates monthly to “check in” and is always there if a gestational carrier needs them. Care Coordinators provide another level of communication and care.

Also added in 2017 were Virtual Monthly Meetups for surrogates. These monthly meetings just aren’t for new gestational carriers – repeat surrogates are taking part in it, too.

“It means so much to us as an agency to provide more care, more communication, and more personal involvement with our surrogates. We provide more services to our surrogates because we care,” Caballero said. “I want to continue to invest in programs and offer gifts to our surrogates. These ladies are helping others achieve their success in starting a family.”

As Caballero looks back on the accomplishments in 2017, he knows they will pave the way for another groundbreaking year in 2018.