Fall into Surrogacy with a $1,500 October Signing Bonus

In October, new surrogates are eligible to receive a “Fall into Surrogacy $1,500 Signing Bonus” at EC.

Goodbye summer. Hello autumn. While we enter into a season of thanks, it also opens up new opportunities to do something memorable and special. At Extraordinary Conceptions, we offer such a pathway for mothers who completed having their own families and want to help others who may not have been so fortunate.  

During the entire month of October, new surrogates are eligible to receive their “Fall into Surrogacy $1,500 Signing Bonus.”

“The beginning of fall marks upcoming family festivities. And for those who have been unable to have a family of their own, these gatherings may cause a painful silence for many,” said Mario Caballero, chief executive officer at Extraordinary Conceptions. “But the season of fall should also be embraced with new possibilities — and one incredible way is how a new surrogate has the ability to give future parents the love of a child through surrogacy.”

Gestational surrogates can help change the lives of others who have been inflicted with the heart wrenching disease of infertility. And when supporting equality for all, surrogates can help make fatherhood dreams come true for gay single men and couples.

According to Caballero, beginning on October 1, 2016, California surrogates will be eligible for a financial boost.

“Due to the favorable laws in our state, California surrogates are in high demand, so we are going to raise the compensation from $35,000 to $40,000. This means that their complete benefit packages will now increase to $45,000,” he said. “And for those who want to be involved in the journey by referring a California surrogate, they will receive a $1,500 Visa gift card once legal contracts are signed.”

Additionally, for those who refer surrogates outside of California, their Visa gift card will remain at $1,000.

“Surrogates have the ability to give new hope to intending parents by affording them the family they always dreamed of,” Caballero said.  


Bonus Incentives Eligibility

To qualify for the “Fall into Surrogacy $1,500 Signing Bonus,” the surrogate applicant must complete the application/registration by October 31, 2016. Bonuses are paid once legal contracts are signed and in accordance to the month the initial application was submitted. During the application process, the applicant must also provide the referral’s name, if applicable. To begin the application process today, please visit Extraordinary Conceptions at www.extraconceptions.com or call 760-438-2265.