If the parents wish to do so, they can have their surrogate sign a HIPAA with their OB physician’s office after they graduate from the IVF clinic. This will allow the parents to contact the OB directly for updates regarding the pregnancy. We also have the ability to have the surrogates undergo random drug screenings at the request of their IPs in accordance with their contract. Aside from her regular doctor’s appointments, our surrogates all meet with our in-house Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist once a month. Our surrogates not only work with their regular coordinators, but also have regular access to our Care Coordinators, which are a team of experienced surrogates who are available to answer any questions and concerns that only a prior surrogate can answer. Beginning in September 2017, we’re also offering Surrogate Virtual Meet Ups where our surrogates can join a private group of surrogates where they can support and encourage one another with the help of our LMFTs.