Young Father Playing with Newborn Baby Girl

Since Extraordinary Conceptions’ beginnings, its unwavering mission has been to help people around the world fulfill their hopes and dreams of building their family.

A regarded egg donor and surrogate agency, Extraordinary Conceptions based in California, diligently and compassionately helps future parents. A part of this passionate commitment is standing up for equality and battling discrimination so everyone has the opportunity to become a parent.

While some states and countries do not recognize same-sex marriages yet, court rulings are frequently changing to overturn this. More now than ever, the sounds of equality are ringing louder.

In particular, for two gay husbands, the need for an egg donor and surrogate is essential if they desire a biological link to their child. Over the years, Extraordinary Conceptions has been both humbled and honored to help men become fathers.

This like-mindedness has branched out to its compassionate egg donors and surrogates. These incredible women cannot imagine the thought of those in the LGBT community not being able to have a family due to sexual orientation. After all, home is where memories are made.

The founders of Extraordinary Conceptions battled with their own infertility and at last were able to become parents through surrogacy. This life-changing experience fueled the creation of Extraordinary Conceptions.

This agency is highly regarded for a variety of reasons which include a unified team of empathetic professionals. A group of its staff includes former surrogates and egg donors, current surrogate, an IVF nurse, and a former IFV office manager for a prominent infertility doctor.

Raising the professional bar even higher, since Extraordinary Conceptions is an international agency, its staff members are fluent in languages such as Italian, Portuguese French, Mandarin, Cantonese, English, German, English, Czech, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish.

Extraordinary Conceptions has the largest egg donor database in the country, topping 2,400 and climbing. Every week, new egg donors are added to the databank. Likewise, their surrogates are all over the nation giving future parents choices and flexibility in their planning.

Extraordinary Conceptions remains privileged to help the LGBT community achieve their dreams of parenthood because no one should ever be denied the right to a child.

To learn more about Extraordinary Conceptions, please call 760-438-2265. Please visit its database of egg donors and surrogates at