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Choosing a Surrogate

Choosing a surrogate might seem like a difficult decision.  There are multiple elements to take into consideration, however with Extraordinary Conceptions we strive to simplify the process.  We make sure that the only major decision you have is which surrogate mother you relate with most.

Extraordinary Conceptions provides the surrogacy services that allow you to relax and enjoy the process.  Our surrogate mothers must adhere to ASRM guidelines, IVF clinics recommendations as well as our agency’s surrogacy requirements to be admitted into our surrogacy program.

  • We require thorough medical and obstetric & gynecological histories for all of our surrogates.
  • Our surrogate database provides information about the surrogate’s lifestyle, personality traits & characteristics so that you can find a surrogate mother whose lifestyle and habits are suitable for your needs.
  • We ensure that the surrogate mother is mentally and physically prepared to handle gestational surrogacy through medical examinations and psychological testing.
  • We pair you with a Surrogacy Match Coordinator who is familiar with surrogacy laws nationwide and is able to provide guidance in matching you with a surrogate who resides in a state with favorable laws to suit your specific needs. Your coordinator is available to help answer all of your questions and concerns or just provide additional support.

Choosing a surrogate is an important step in creating a family.  With Extraordinary Conceptions, we take the anxiety away from the decision.  You know that all of the Extraordinary Conceptions surrogates have been thoroughly screened and are here to serve the needs of your future family.

To learn more about Extraordinary Conceptions and surrogacy, please contact us.  If you would like one of our Coordinators to contact you, please submit the Future Parent application HERE. Let us help you start the process of creating a family today! If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate mother, please submit the Surrogate application HERE.