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Frequently Asked Questions

Donor assistance gives women the highest chance of becoming a parent over all other infertility treatment. Extraordinary Conceptions is excited about helping in a vital way. Below are some frequently asked questions that should help you understand the process better. Once you’re ready to begin, complete the Future Parent Application, to be given access to the searchable database.

Q. How are Egg Donors Selected?

A. Extraordinary Conceptions eliminates women who have medical and social histories that make them unacceptable and seeks healthy women whose families do not have genetic problems that could be passed on to a child.

Q. Why do Women Donate?

A. Women donate because they are motivated by a desire to help couples in their quest for parenthood.

Q. How do I Find a Donor that has My Traits?

A. Because ethnicity, body type and lifestyle play an important part in the donor selection process, Extraordinary Conceptions can find donors from various backgrounds who are willing to help Future Parents.

Q. What Type of Information Do Future Parents Receive?

A. Donors are required to provide personal and family history by completing our questionnaire. This information, along with photographs of the donor, is provided to the Future Parents in making a donor selection.

Q. What does the donor process consist of?

A. Donors receive complete information about the egg retrieval process and any risks or complication that could occur. Each selected donor meets with a psychologist who provides a written report about her mental suitability for being a donor.

Q. How Does the Donor Know What Her Responsibilities Are?

A. When you select your donor, a contract is written and signed by the donor and the future parents that delineates the donor’s responsibilities and clearly states that the Future Parents receive all the eggs produced by the donor in the specified treatment cycle.

Q. How Much Will the Egg Donation Process Cost?

A. The complete cost varies. For a complete breakdown of the fees, please make sure you are registered as a Future Parent first and then one of our coordinators will get in touch with you to review the entire process and fees. If you are already registered as a Future Parent, please contact Tracy in our Donor department at Tracy@extraconceptions.com.

Q. How Does the Donor Receive Her Compensation?

A. Extraordinary Conceptions acts for the Future Parents in establishing an account from which payments are made for psychological, genetic and legal services for the donor in executing the Donor Contract. We are available for support, supervision and communication throughout this process and assist the donor in necessary ways to fulfill all her responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Egg Donation
At Extraordinary Conceptions, we take pride in offering our patients with reliable information that they can trust.  The egg donation process can seem overwhelming, but with a group of experts constantly leading you through the process, you can feel comfortable and at ease.

Egg Donor Screenings

  • How do I know the eggs are of good quality? Doctors run full panels on sexually transmitted diseases, narcotic use, and genetic testing.  Only the best eggs are used for the process.
  • Are copies of a donor’s psychological evaluation available? The psychological test results are not available.  During a psychological evaluation, certain elements are identified and only egg donors with good mental health records move forward in the process.
  • How are college transcripts, GPA, and test scores verified? If you would like to gain access to these scores, then we will request the records from the potential egg donor.  The scores can take a few weeks to process.
  • Are family medical records verified? Family medical records are not verified, as there are too many records to sort through and the process can be too extensive.  From the donor’s personal records, we can gather the information that we need.

Fees Associated with Egg Donation

  • How much does egg donation cost? The price of egg donation depends on the location of the donor.  We pay all travel up front with funds that are held in a trust. All of these fees will be explained during a consultation with Extraordinary Conceptions.
  • What are ‘estimated donor’ costs? An egg donor has additional expenses including mileage driven to doctor’s appointments, parking fees, birth control, and pain medication.  There may be additional expenses if an egg donor needs to travel to a specific area for egg retrieval.

Legalities and Egg Donation

  • Is it necessary to hire an attorney between patient and donor?  We provide a contract that you can use to sign between the patient and the donor.

Are there lawyers that you recommend for egg donation contracts?  We offer our own in-house legal team with Stephanie Cabellero, attorney at law.  Stephanie and her legal team are dedicated to Surrogacy, Egg Donation, and Adoption Law.