Being a Surrogate

There are steps a woman can take to prepare for surrogate candidacy.

There are a number of women who are considering the idea of becoming a surrogate. What triggers this desire may be a story they have read, a video clip they have watched, meeting a surrogate, or perhaps seeing a compassionate advertorial from an international surrogacy agency announcing their “signing bonus” for new surrogate candidates.

In other cases, a woman may have known for years that this was her calling after she finished having her own children. At this kindhearted junction, there are certainly ways she can prepare for candidacy.

Research Time

The best approach to begin a potential surrogacy journey is learning as much as one can about it. This type of knowledge is valuable before researching a surrogacy agency. In a woman’s research, she will find that the two surrogacy arrangements are traditional and gestational. Gestational surrogacy is the method performed and preferred since the surrogate has no biological connection to the baby.

The process of gestational surrogacy includes fertilizing an egg with sperm to create an embryo which would be transferred to a surrogate. The eggs can be retrieved either from the intended mother or egg donor. And the sperm used to fertilize the egg can be from the intended father or donor.

Once implanted, the surrogate carries and delivers the baby for her intended parents.

While many women learn about the surrogacy process online at infertility clinic websites, other places to visit may even be

OB/GYN Visit

Once a woman has gathered the educational information she needs regarding surrogacy, the next helpful step is to schedule an appointment with her OB/GYN for a pap smear test and tell them of their interest in becoming a potential surrogate. If her test results are normal and her doctor considers her to be in good health, then a clearance letter can be issued indicating that the patient is a good candidate for surrogacy.

Leading agencies report that frequent delays in the surrogacy candidacy process have to do with receiving this clearance letter so doing it ahead of time is recommended.

Agency Research

Choosing the right surrogacy agency may take some time but there are some helpful guidelines that can aid tremendously. They are as follows:

  • Double-check that the agency has official brick and mortar headquarters.
  • Make certain that the agency is established and has been in business for 10 years or more.
  • An agency will offer a benefits package beginning at $40,000.
  • Top tier agencies will provide its surrogates with $500,000 life insurance policies.
  • A candidate’s calls are returned immediately and questions are answered in their entirety.
  • Staff members exude compassion and professionalism.
  • If travel is needed, expenses are paid in advance by the agency.
  • A support system is offered for surrogates.

And more….

It’s no surprise that when partnered with the right agency, another surrogacy journey is inevitable. For many, surrogacy is incredibly memorable and worth repeating to help intended parents make their parenthood dreams come true.