While a growing amount of Chinese couples and individuals are encountering fertility challenges in their country, they are turning to surrogacy in the United States for help. Like other nations around the world, infertility has impacted China.

Recent numbers indicate that 1 in 10 people are affected by it. Statistics from the China Population Association reveal that in 1992, infertility was at 3 percent, and as of 2012, it spiked to 12.5 percent.

And those numbers continue to grow in cities such as Beijing where those percentages swell to 15.

Extraordinary Conceptions, a California surrogacy and egg donor agency, has been honored to help the people of China for years. And their recent visit to China steeled their resolve to help individuals yearning to build a family.

Because the demand for Chinese egg donors is so high, for women interested in helping who are of 100% East Asian descent, compensation may start at $8,000. (edited 5/30/2018) And in many cases, Chinese donors can set their own fees. This compassionate restitution is double the normal amount of $5,000 for first time donors.

“We have more intended parents coming to Extraordinary Conceptions from China than we have in the 10 years we’ve been in business,” said Erica Hawkesworth, director of marketing at Extraordinary Conceptions. “We are so successful in helping international couples with successful egg donation and surrogacy here in the United States where it is legal and recognized.”

Hawkesworth went on to say that their executive director, Mario Caballero, recently visited China and was met with hope from hundreds of people.

“These individuals and couples are struggling with their fertility due to medical reasons such as a mother’s age, same sex couples and single fathers who need both egg donors and surrogates,” Hawkesworth said.

She also agreed that recent studies on infertility may have a direct correlation to the pollution in the country.

Hawkesworth shed more light on the high demand.

“Because the one-child policy has been lifted, some couples who are now in their forties want a second child, but they are struggling to do so,” she said. “Many are turning to surrogacy and egg donation to complete their families.”

As China embraces the hope of surrogacy, Extraordinary Conceptions is working hard to make the miracle of parenthood come true since everyone has the right to the love of a child.

And increasing the compensation for Chinese egg donors is one pathway in accomplishing this goal.

“The egg donation process is just as emotionally rewarding as financially rewarding,” Hawkesworth said. “Many successful donors go on to repeat the donation process multiple times because of this, and repeat donors have the potential to earn much higher fees each time they donate.”

Just when one thinks it is time to “give up” their desire in having a baby of their very own, surrogacy and egg donation provides the “whisper of hope” for a new future.

To begin the application process today, please visit Extraordinary Conceptions at or call at 760-438-2265.