By David Castillo Dominici

Free By David Castillo Dominici

When a particular cause receives top-notch attention, more times than not, a celebrity’s status helps cast it underneath the spotlight.

In cases of health and wellness, Angelina Jolie and Christina Applegate championed breast cancer awareness along with breast reconstruction.

The efforts of Michael J. Fox have brought Parkinson’s disease to the forefront and a push for research.

And let’s not forget the endless charities braced by star-studded reinforcement. In example, charities supporting the LGBT community consist of Lady Gaga, Cyndi Lauper, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

From disease cures, environmental and conservation concerns, human rights, to animal protection, many have “looked to the stars” to learn more about an array of issues. It’s a place where dialogue starts, questions are raised, and answers are provided.

Particularly over the last few years, stitched within this celebrity quilt, has been a compassionate introduction to surrogacy.

A group of celebrity parents have been candid about their infertility struggles and how with the help of a surrogate, their dreams of parenthood finally came true. Included in this list of high profile people are Jimmy Fallon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gordon Ramsey, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.

And of course, all applaud Maria Cross who came out announcing how she used an egg donor to achieve pregnancy.

Celebrities from the LGBT community have also added a spark of hope to gay couples wanting to become parents. Sir Elton John and Neil Patrick Harris have completed their families via surrogacy.

When celebrities step into the limelight and discuss their battle with infertility or how they were able to become fathers in a gay marriage, it gives others the opportunity to “hope” and realize they are not alone. This type of connection is so important for people who are in the midst of a personal struggle.

These celebrities who achieved parenthood through surrogacy are spokespersons, even though they may not have intended to be so. Their openness cultivated awareness, nurtured compassion, and fostered the possibilities of becoming parents.

And surrogates converted those dreams into a reality.

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