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Thanks to RESOLVE, this week is a time to trigger awareness, promote education, and encourage community outreach for those struggling with infertility. From April 19 to 25, RESOLVE is supporting National Infertility Awareness Week and hopes everyone joins together for this incredibly important movement.

For those who battle infertility, it can be a time of sadness and isolation. National Infertility Awareness Week is meant to reverse this by creating a group haven and springboard of hope to those faced with this disease.

Not just this week, but every week of the year, RESOLVE navigates and advocates the public and legislatures about infertility. They also provide resources, optimism, and options for couples and individuals.

It’s estimated that more than 7 million Americans are battling with infertility. And this year’s theme, “You Are Not Alone,” truly compliments what RESOLVE is all about.

The founders of Extraordinary Conceptions, an international surrogate and egg donor agency headquartered in San Diego, dealt with the rollercoaster of infertility for several years until a surrogate carried their twins more than a decade ago. They understand the emotional and financial heartache of infertility.

For Extraordinary Conceptions, their hope is to always be a source of compassion in building a family so everyone can experience the love of a child.

Extraordinary Conceptions is incredibly proud of RESOLVE and the work that they do to help carry individuals struggling with infertility across that finish line of hope in building a family. They are a true inspiration.

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