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There is an array of ways for mothers to facilitate their children’s ethical and moral development. As the adage says, “Children learn by example.” And within this framework, they also learn about their parents’ strong character, the meaning of responsibility, and the act of kindness.

When a woman decides to embark on the surrogacy process, she is undeniably reinforcing each of these characteristics for her own children.

Surrogacy involves a group of caring people, and this creates a springboard of learning opportunities for the whole family. Children of all ages can learn by their mother’s compassion, courage, honesty, and what it means to make a selfless decision for the good of another.

Michelle, a surrogate at Extraordinary Conceptions, recalls her four-year-old son who was in the car as she and her husband were driving home from dinner one evening. “Mom, we should help those mommies and daddies get a baby,” he told her.

That was the response she heard when her son thoughtfully listened to his mother and father explaining what it meant to be a gestational carrier. Mindfully, Michelle described why someone needed her to be a gestational carrier.

“It was so simple to him,” she began. “We explained that some mommies have broken bellies or get sick. And sometimes those mommies and daddies need help in order for those babies to find their families. “

That’s all it took.

“In that simple, innocent, and reassuring moment, my husband and I looked at each other, and we knew this was going to be an amazing experience,” she said. Michelle added, “Not only for us and the Intended Parents we would be matched with, but it was going to be an amazing learning experience for our children as well.”

A common question surrogates often get asked is if the process is a confusing one for their children. First and foremost, women who take part in this memorable journey are attentive and caring. They convey to their children what surrogacy means which is easily understood with elegance, ease, and honesty.

Michelle’s explanation to her little boy was one of many during her journey, she said. Above all, making it abundantly clear that this baby she carried was not theirs but belonged to a special family of who was going to love it with all their heart in the same way she loved her own children.

Young children are incredibly bright and inquisitive. They grasp the concept that “mommy” is taking care of a baby for another mommy or daddy in her tummy. Likewise, they understand that as “mommy’s tummy grows” she is continuing to babysit in a special way for intended parents.

Surrogates often use the term “surro-baby” and “intended mothers and fathers” to their children. Reinforcing these terms helps a child understand that there is a crystal clear difference.

When a surrogate works with a leading surrogate and egg donor agency, their surrogate specialist offers sage advice. Many top tier agencies also have former surrogates working there as well as an onsite counselor to ensure a seamless road as possible.

Michelle describes surrogacy as amazing.

“This journey that we are taking, this gift that we are giving, it’s not just temporary, but it is forever,” she said.

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