How Former Surrogates Inspire

Surrogate referrals give someone the chance to experience the love of a child.

Surrogates have the ability to help fight infertility through the medical advancements of third-party reproduction. In this day and age, individuals and couples unable to have babies traditionally turn to surrogacy to help achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Many mothers who have already completed their families are emotionally intrigued to learn more about how to be a surrogate. Having experienced the love of their own children, they want to help others experience the very same.

And for those battling infertility or males in a same-sex marriage, that way is through surrogacy.

Numerous women who decide to become surrogates are passionately drawn to do it again. Many agree that when they witness their intending parent(s) hold their newborn for the very first time that this is their “calling” that they will do another surrogacy journey.

However, as a woman ages, there will come a time when they will not be able to carry a baby for intending parents. But make no mistake about it that she can be linked to the joy of surrogacy. Former surrogate mothers have inspired so many individuals about surrogacy and know of women that they believe who will be ideal surrogate candidates. These special women can instinctively spot a great candidate(s) in her everyday life be it at the soccer field with the kids, parent tasks at schools, dance recitals and so much more.

Top-tier California surrogacy agencies offer what’s called a Surrogate Referral Program in where surrogates are compensated with a financial “thank you.” The amount of what a referral program offers really does mirror the financial strength and quality of an agency. While some offer $250 per surrogate referral, leading agencies offer $1,000 or more.

In tandem, surrogacy agencies may offer outstanding perks such as a $2,016 Special Valentine’s Day Bonus for candidates in addition to compensation starting at $40,000. When referring a surrogate, it’s always helpful to research whether or not an agency in good standing is gifting benefits such as this.

When a surrogate retires from her journey, her goodwill can undoubtedly continue in an array of ways which includes educating people about surrogacy, referring candidates, and being part of this miracle behind the scenes.