EC Welcomes Former Surrogate
The numbers of those struggling with infertility in the United States alone is more than 7.3 million. Add other countries into this and the percentages are even more staggering.

Breaking free from these numbers and percentages are real people living a life without the children they have always wanted. They may be unable to carry a child, and reminders of this void may occur daily be it viewing a baby commercial or witnessing someone pushing a stroller down a pathway.

So many women abandon hope following failed IVF cycles, miscarriages and so much more. And when earnest attempts are matched with disappointments, one cannot help but feel vulnerable. This especially rings true when doctors are unable to pinpoint an exact explanation for the failed efforts.

For some individuals and couples, there may come a time when they become aware of another option: gestational surrogacy. Healthcare professionals in the fertility field will generally recommend surrogacy if one falls under the following categories such as:

• A woman does not have a uterus
• A woman’s uterus is not conducive to carrying a baby or becoming impregnated
• A medical condition which renders a woman unsafe for pregnancy
• A history of recurring miscarriages or IFV failed attempts

At Extraordinary Conceptions, a California surrogacy and egg donor agency, they have helped countless individuals and couples all over the world achieve the dream of parenthood. And for a sizeable group, they may even have a genetic link to their baby.

In this field of compassionate work, it’s all about people helping people and supporting them when they need it most.

Recently, one of their intended parents said, “Once again, I want to thank you for all your support through this process! I feel very lucky that I had such a great team backing me.”

During this journey, egg donation may also be needed. Extraordinary Conceptions has a sterling database of diverse donors, brimming at more than 2,400. It is regarded as the leading database in the nation.

“We’re looking forward to growing our family thanks to our generous donor and the kindness you’ve shown us even when we were a little stressed,” said intended parents at Extraordinary Conceptions. “We are in your debt.”

Surrogacy helps give a new sense of courage to those wanting to build a family. It is a journey where one can create their own destiny. With immense strides in medicine, reproductive technology continues to perfect the process while giving new hope.

It also affords women who want to be surrogates and egg donors the opportunity to help others build a family.

Surrogates, who are already mothers, embrace this journey so they may help others experience the love of a child.

To learn more about the surrogacy and egg donor process, please contact Extraordinary Conceptions at 760-438-2265 or visit its website at