How Surrogates Benefit Families

The gift a surrogate gives families is endless.

Surrogacy has provided individuals and couples with a renewed sense of hope and insight. Through the sorrows of infertility, surrogacy has enabled people to refocus on new possibilities. And for gay men who want to become fathers, this extraordinary journey cements the echoes of equality.

When a woman decides to become a surrogate, she possesses an inner strength to help build a family. With the advances of medicine and third-party reproduction, she can help carry a “miracle” for her intended parents.  The benefits she is able to afford to people who want to grow their families is immeasurable.

As the idea of surrogacy unfolds in a woman’s mind and heart, she will begin her search in finding the right agency which will take the best care of her. She’ll want to be certain that her compensation and benefits package is generous, has a substantial life insurance policy, and is afforded the support she needs from a professional and kindhearted agency. And every surrogate is deserving of this.

One of the very first steps for a woman is locating an international agency which offers a surrogate personal prescreening consultation. This is a special complimentary appointment which gives her the time she needs to speak with an admissions team member to learn more about surrogacy and to give her additional insight on the process.

At some top-shelf agencies, admission team members are former surrogates who have in-depth and sage knowledge about the journey.

For some surrogate candidates, their research into an agency may transcend beyond their care. They might want to learn about the agency history and why it was established. As part of their personal due diligence, they could discover that the surrogacy agency was founded by a person or couple who underwent their own heartbreak of infertility years ago and were able to overcome their struggle with the power of surrogacy. 

A candidate may also want to know how the agency cares for their intended parents since a surrogate’s calling is to help and benefit families. Being that surrogates embody such compassion, it’s no surprise that this would be part of their search.   

Erica Hawkesworth, director of marketing at Extraordinary Conceptions, an international surrogacy and egg donor agency, explained how elite egg donor and surrogacy agencies offer a stress-free policy to their intending parents.

“While agencies may differ in their definition of a stress-free policy, we personally do not charge a fee to view our donor or surrogate database and we have a ‘no money down program’ available to future parents,” she said. Hawkesworth added, “We have also developed a Single Agency Fee Experience (S.A.F.E.) because we know that egg donation and surrogacy can be extremely expensive. With our S.A.F.E. policy, if your donor or surrogacy cycle is not successful the first time, we will not charge another agency fee to proceed again.”

Every aspect a surrogate candidate knows about an agency inevitably empowers her while making someone’s parenthood dreams come true.