how to become a surrogate mother

For a special group of women, at one time or another, they may consider welcoming surrogacy into their lives. Each lady has their own distinctive reason as to why this is so. One may have heard a compelling story about a couple struggling from infertility which triggered an internal calling while another yearns to help a LGBT couple wanting to complete their family.

While each surrogate mother is different and from all walks of life and professions, they share a common thread weaving a patchwork of a never ending family tree. They want to give people hope.

As many women wonder about the joy they can bring to a childless couple, so many pursue the avenue on how to become a surrogate mother. With every question comes a thoughtful answer. Embarking on such a journey requires partnering with a reputable agency which can navigate her through a seamless process.

One of the best California surrogate agencies is Extraordinary Conceptions. This international agency provides both surrogates and egg donors for future parents. A handful of their team members are former surrogates which gives so many women experiencing the journey peace of mind.

A woman thinking about becoming a gestational surrogate must already be a mother, have enjoyed her pregnancy/pregnancies, and fall between the ages of 21 to 36. She will be asked to undergo both a medical and psychological screening.

Top-shelf agencies will also require that a candidate maintain a BMI of less than 30, are a nonsmoker, and do not partake in drugs.

Agencies such as Extraordinary Conceptions want to make certain that the special women giving the “gift of life” are healthy enough to do so.

While surrogacy can pay a generous amount of more than $30,000, agencies will want to check that a woman is financially stable and not relying on these monies as a primary income.

Every day, Extraordinary Conceptions receives so much praise for the emotional support they give their surrogates. But they are quick to point out that support should also branch out to her own family life.

Surrogacy is an exciting time for the whole family so it’s crucial that a woman receives the care and consideration she deserves. A gestational surrogate is giving so much of herself to help others that she needs the same type of respect and attention at home and at work.

As every woman knows who has experienced pregnancy before, it’s important that she has a flexible schedule and dependable transportation for doctor’s appointments, screenings, and more.

The surrogate application process is comprehensive in where an agency can get to know a woman and her past a little better. Conversely, a woman interested in surrogacy should also interview agencies and research the following:

  • If the agency is in good standing and has official office headquarters
  • What type of compensation they offer
  • An agency with an impressive life insurance policy which is transferrable when it reaches its term
  • An agency which offers monthly direct deposits and pays for any travel-related expenses in advance
  • An agency which provides Surrogate Sisterhood support

Most of all, it’s important to locate an agency with a professional and caring rapport. Listen to those instincts because they will lead through the doors of the very best agency.

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