How to choose an egg donor agency

Partnering with a reputable egg donor agency is the first step for donors.

So are you thinking about becoming an egg donor? What a commendable gesture of kindness. This selfless act of dedication helps make parenthood dreams come true for those who have endured years of infertility or for gay men who are ready to embark on a fatherhood pathway.

When a woman decides to become an egg donor, it’s one of the most exciting decisions she can make in her life. However, the overflow of advertisements can be downright overwhelming in deciding which egg donor agency is best. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to be partnered with a top-tier agency and one in great standing because they are affiliated with the best medical doctors and fertility clinics both nationally and internationally.

It’s essential that women do their due diligence by going through a checklist of must-have agency items such as the following:

  • The agency has official brick and mortar headquarters.
  • The agency has professional and compassionate team members that return calls or reply to emails and texts promptly.
  • The agency has been in the industry for a decade or more.
  • The agency pays for all travel fees both nationally and internationally.
  • The agency pays for a friend or family member to accompany the donor.
  • The agency provides top compensation beginning at $5,000.

While agencies may appear to be the same in advertisements, this may not be the case for what’s happening internally. Recently, this was brought to the attention of Extraordinary Conceptions, an international surrogacy and egg donor agency based in San Diego, when one of their former donors, Chris, reached out to them.

“I just wrapped up my final donation and was under contract with another egg donor agency. The experience with this agency does not even compare to my experiences with Extraordinary Conceptions,” she wrote. Chris continued, “You were respectful, kind and go above and beyond for your donors. After my awful experience with them [other agency] I wish I could tell all in the donor world to stay far away from this agency and contact Extraordinary Conceptions! This just reminded me to come back and thank you guys one more time for all that you do. You are awesome!”

Donors are giving so much of themselves that returning and fulfilling their needs should always remain a top priority.