How to Find a Surrogacy Agency

There are important steps to take when finding a surrogacy agency.

When women decide that they are ready to learn more about becoming a surrogate, there is one burning question that comes to the forefront: “How do I find a surrogacy agency?”

While many surrogacy agencies peppered throughout the nation advertise impressive compensation packages, it’s so important to pull the advertorial curtain aside and see how an agency operates behind the scenes. One of the most vital items on the checklist is to determine how long a surrogacy agency has been in operation.

When researching agencies, a woman wants to find a surrogacy agency which has been in this compassionate industry for a decade or more. In the same breath, it’s imperative that the agency has an official brick and mortar office with headquarters.

As a woman begins to peruse certain surrogacy agencies, she does not need to fill out an application in order to receive answers about the journey. Progressive agencies will offer a feature that’s called a surrogate pre-screening consult or consultation. This is an opportunity for a woman to speak to a member from the surrogacy admissions team. In many respects, this can be viewed as a pre-applicant step.

At respected agencies, pre-candidates may very well be speaking to former surrogates who have traveled the surrogacy road before and can offer sage advice. The pre-screening consult is an opportunity for a woman to ask about the following:

  • The surrogacy process
  • If the agency helps intending parents both nationally and internationally
  • What the medical and psychological screening entails
  • If and how she can choose her intending parents
  • Who the agency partners with in terms of fertility clinics
  • Who the agency partners with in terms of legalities
  • How many intending parents the agency has helped over the years
  • Why this particular agency stands out from the rest
  • How surrogates are paid

And much more….

An agency in fabulous standing will not only be delighted to answer the above questions, but they will be proud to expand on other subject matters as well. Examples of this may include:

  • The timeframe it takes to be matched with intending parents
  • How the agency offers direct deposits
  • How the agency employs former surrogates
  • How the agency has a therapist on their staff roster
  • How the agency offers an impressive life insurance policy (agencies in superior standing offer $500,000)
  • How an agency offers a signing bonus in addition to compensation beginning at $40,000
  • How an agency offers a surrogate referral fee
  • How an agency offers support during the journey

And more….

The mission of a surrogacy agency is also an important item to inquire about. A handful of agencies were established because the founder(s) were touched by surrogacy in one way or another. For example, they may have battled infertility and surrogacy was their answer to build a family. Finding the pulse of why an agency exists is incredibly gratifying for not only surrogates but for egg donors and intending parents as well.

A reputable agency will also be proud to present an array of testimonials to surrogate candidates.

Women have a keen sense of intuition so it’s recommended to follow those instincts when interviewing surrogacy agencies.