Infertility: Breaking the Silence
Recently in the media, celebrities have stepped forward publicly to speak about their struggles of infertility. Invariably, what this has done has brought awareness to the disease as well as supporting those who are plagued by a condition wrought with emotional and physical pain.

Infertility: Raising Awareness

It’s estimated that over 7 million American women are diagnosed with infertility.

Advocates shining a spotlight on infertility are thrilled with celebrities sharing their stories in hopes that funds raised for medical advances and support will follow. They are hoping the message is fueled with help and hope to those who need it.

Breaking the silence of infertility is happening one word at a time.

Infertility: A Personal Story

Nate Pyle wrote a timeless piece in the Huffington Post which reflected on the disease. For so many women and couples, they keep their infertility bottled up in silence. For them, not speaking about it helps them avoid the emotional pitfalls of follow-up questions from family members and friends.

Pyle and his wife intimately understand the sorrow of infertility because they encountered it. While more Americans are sympathetic towards those with the disease, for those suffering with it, he described a sense of personal shame that hides in the shadows.

“Shame slips in with the silent words spoken as another month pregnant only with hope passes by. It is amazing how much silence surrounds the struggle of infertility. The silence of not wanting to talk about it. The silence of wanting to talk about it, but being scared,” Pyle writes. “The silence of trying to avoid the one thing you are wondering about, but not wanting to focus on it, and yet having your mind dominated by it.”

Shattering the Silence of Infertility

This silence is beginning to crumble. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jamie King, among others are expressing their pain in hopes to help those going through the same emotional roller coaster ride.

In PEOPLE magazine, Jamie King was candid about what she went through before her son was born. For years, she endured physical and mental pain, PCOS, 5 miscarriages, 5 IVF procedures and 26 IUI’s.

In PEOPLE, she said she felt compelled to share her story with other women who have gone through the same medical issues.

While King ultimately was able to have a child, there continues to be women whose fertility treatments are not successful despite all the attempts.

Turning To Surrogacy

Sarah Jessica Parker, a well-known celebrity who has been open about her fertility issues, shared how she and her husband Matthew Broderick decided to use a surrogate when faced with infertility when wanting to add to their family. In 2002, they had their son but years later were unable to conceive naturally.

They turned to the help of a surrogate and had twin daughters in 2009.

While fertility treatments can help women conceive, there is a percentage of women who cannot carry a baby and live every day in agony waiting for the day they can finally hold their newborn. For these special women, surrogate mothers have been the answer by paving a road of hope, miracles, and happiness.

As support continues to grow for women affected by infertility, a unified front should help turn what was once a silent shame into dignity and grace.

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