Infertility: Not Giving Up

For a number of couples becoming pregnant may be unattainable. Infertility casts a silent despair among countless couples all over the world. Those embroiled in this sadness begin to notice a sliver of hope when they hear about others who have stood in the same place and offer comfort and assurances of parenthood possibilities.

While some individuals and couples may choose adoption, others are resolute about surrogacy. A group of future parents express the need to have a biological link to their children.

Infertility: The Challenges

The silence of infertility is beginning to disappear. Celebrities have spoken out about their infertility struggles raising the spirits of those who are in the midst of such emotional and physical turmoil. Raising this type of educational awareness, such as things not to say to an individual or couple entangled in infertility, is incredibly important.

Individuals cannot be reminded enough of not saying the following (or something similar) to someone who is struggling with pregnancy:

  • Why aren’t you pregnant yet?
  • Pregnancy is so natural… it will happen.
  • How sad it is that you can’t get pregnant.
  • Consider yourself lucky that you don’t have kids.

And more….

While someone may believe they are not being insensitive, comments such as these can be piercing to the recipient.

Infertility: How People Can Help

When people realize that infertility is a huge sense of loss, they can better understand why the grieving process for others is necessary. With that said, there are things people can do to help someone undergoing fertility treatments, especially for those who are experiencing failed attempts.

Examples of this include the following:

  • Listen and do not offer personal advice.
  • Be sensitive and understand if the person or couple loses interest in activities they once participated in or cancels social engagements. Do not take it personally.
  • Steer away from discussions about babies or parenting.

And never forget that infertility is a disease.

Surrogacy: A Journey Toward Parenthood

Whenever a positive story of surrogacy lights up the media headlines, it provides a foundation of hope for so many.

On KATV, ABC 7 covered a heartwarming story on surrogacy: “Gestational Surrogacy: The love story of Mommy, Daddy, Demi, and Daric.”

The reporter, Alexis Rogers, wrote about Arkansas residents, Kinetra and Daric Washington. Reproduction specialists told the couple that either adoption or surrogacy would be their option for parenthood.

Daric told the reporter, “A lot of people don’t realize that with surrogacy you get your own kids.”

With faith leading the way, the couple decided on gestational surrogacy.

“I wish there was someone like us that could have helped us. I wish there was someone we could have reached out to that was experiencing this same thing. We just started with an Internet search,” Daric said in his interview.

The couple partnered with their attorney. After finding a surrogate, their twins, Daric and Demi, were born.

At the end of the article, the reporter mentioned that Daric and Kinetra are thinking about co-authoring a book about their surrogacy story.

“They hope their story will help others,” Rogers wrote.

And most of all, it will provide those experiencing infertility the hope to never give up on a dream.

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