Intended Parents: A Holiday Wish

Surrogates help make holiday wishes comes true.

The holiday season is upon us. Families will be joining together and building memories. For some individuals and couples, this time of year may in fact be the most difficult because they have been unable to have a child of their own. The holiday season magnifies this void.

For those enduring years of failed fertility treatments or gay men yearning to be fathers, their holiday wish is to make these parenthood dreams finally come true. One extraordinary way in making this happen is through surrogacy.

It’s this special time of year when a woman may decide to become a surrogate. She has had her own children and cannot imagine a holiday season for others who do not have the same.  While the holidays are a busy time of year, there are generous women out there who are ready to give of themselves so someone else’s dream of having a child can become a reality during Christmas next year.

Surrogacy is an amazing and priceless gift.  

Mario Caballero, who serves as the chief executive officer at Extraordinary Conceptions, personally understands this “gift” as he experienced the heartache of infertility. He remembers the emotional turmoil he felt years ago during the holidays.

“I recall how Christmas was always the hardest time for me with no children,” Caballero said. “It was because of our wonderful surrogate that we have our twins. She gave us the most precious gift of all.”

Caballero wants intended parents not to give up because surrogacy paves the road towards this hope. 

“At Extraordinary Conceptions, we want to give all individuals and couples around the world this type of hope that can be attained through surrogacy.”

When Caballero thinks back to the days of when he struggled with infertility, a certain memory emerges which replaces that initial thought. He remembers the first time his daughter conveyed true love to him.

“She touched my hand and said, ‘Papa, I love you so much,’” he recalled. “At that moment, I became a believer that everyone deserves the love of a child.”

The spirit of Christmas shines bright for intended parents when surrogates make their holiday wishes comes true.