Choosing a Surrogate

Choosing a SurrogateChoosing a woman to be your surrogate is one of the most important steps in your journey to parenthood. While there are multiple elements to take into consideration, Extraordinary Conceptions strives to simplify the process. Because our surrogate mothers must adhere to stringent guidelines to be admitted into our program, we make sure that the only major decision you have is which surrogate mother you relate with the most. Finding a woman that you connect with and feel comfortable with carrying your child can take time and patience. There are several important factors to consider, including:

Her support system: Does your surrogate have a strong support system? Does her partner or family agree with her decision? While this experience is incredibly rewarding, it is important that she have the support she needs during the pregnancy.

The state where the surrogate lives: Surrogacy laws vary dramatically depending on where your potential surrogate mom lives. It’s important to have an expert or lawyer with surrogacy expertise review the laws in the state where the surrogate lives and determine whether it will be legally feasible for her to carry a surrogate pregnancy.

Her pregnancy history: Your surrogate will need to have had a history of healthy and successful pregnancies without any complications. You may be able to see part of her basic medical history, but your IVF doctor will be able to review it entirely . Another factor to consider is whether you want to use a surrogate who has had a previous successful surrogacy cycle.

Your IVF doctor’s recommendation: Before committing to a surrogate, your IVF doctor should review the medical records and testing results and discuss anything concerning with you.

Her lifestyle: Does she have any hobbies or lifestyle habits that you can connect with? Are you both passionate about art or fitness or movies? Sharing interests can help you bond and improve your relationship throughout the pregnancy.

Health insurance: Though not common, some health insurance policies will cover your surrogate’s pregnancy and delivery. Even though Intended Parents are still responsible for paying her insurance premiums, it can sometimes decrease the overall cost to you.

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