International Surrogacy Agency CEO Shares Holiday Wisdom

Surrogacy agency owner and CEO, Mario Caballero, reminds people particularly around the holidays to never give up hope of having a child.

Mario Caballero just isn’t your typical chief executive officer at a top company. He leads Extraordinary Conceptions, an international surrogacy agency based in California. Mario became a father through surrogacy years before his organization opened.


Why Surrogacy?

Like so many other intending parents, Mario and his wife went through the heartache of infertility. Following costly IVF treatments and the piercing grief of miscarriages, the couple found hope through surrogacy.

Their twins were born sixteen years ago.


International Surrogacy Agency CEO Shares Holiday Wisdom

A Christmas Tale

For anyone who knows Mario on a personal level realizes he has a unique sense of humor. The memory of his first Christmas with the twins is no exception.

“It’s hard for people to believe this but it was kind of stressful – we had the twins and two Cairn Terrier littermates,” he said with a smile. “Picture this, two dogs and the two kids pulling off the ornaments on the tree – sometimes at the same time.”

The most enjoyable part for Mario was knowing that soon enough his twins would be older and appreciate the gifts under the Christmas tree.

“For me, the best Christmas was when the twins were three years old.  They were so excited with the lights blinking on the tree, and they couldn’t wait to open their gifts,” he said. “And even better, the kids and dogs were older, and they finally left the tree ornaments alone.”


International Surrogacy Agency CEO Shares Holiday Wisdom

Advice from Someone Who Knows

Mario knows firsthand how hard the holidays are for people battling infertility. Having endured the pain, he offers some advice.

“With surrogacy, there is a huge light at the end of the tunnel. While finances may sometimes be an issue that people need to work out, the medical aspects make it a viable option for someone wanting to become a parent,” Mario said

Never give up.


International Surrogacy Agency CEO Shares Holiday Wisdom

Knowledge is Power

While having children may not be done in the traditional sense, there are always other options.

“The more knowledge you have, the more it will help you in your decisions in achieving a family,” said Mario, adding how there are different possibilities.

Do take the steps to learn more.

Mario shares how as the owner and CEO of Extraordinary Conceptions, it is his job to educate people. He doesn’t want people to waste time — something he and his wife did more than a decade ago because no one was there to guide them through the process.

Mario is quick to point out that while he is running a surrogacy and egg donor agency, at the end of the day, it’s so much more than that.

“For me, it’s about teaching people from my personal experience. I don’t charge them anything for my knowledge on how to build families through third-party reproduction,” he said. “Whether it’s the holiday season or not, no one should ever think they will never experience the love of a child – because through surrogacy and egg donation, they can,” he said.