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At Extraordinary Conceptions, we are passionate about helping couples and individuals all over the world reach their goals of becoming parents through surrogacy and egg donation. We work with you to find the right egg donor or surrogate to fulfill your family’s needs.  We strive to make the entire process for our intended parents as simple as possible with our comprehensive packages and knowledgeable staff who will help guide you through every step of the process. With Extraordinary Conceptions, you can relax and focus on the most important element of the journey—becoming a parent. At Extraordinary Conceptions, we strive to stand out above the other agencies by not only meeting the needs of our many clients, but by exceeding the expectations of our parents, donors and surrogates.

What sets us apart from other Surrogacy and Egg Donor Agencies?

Choosing a surrogacy and/or egg donor agency is an important decision. The agency you choose should be there to help you find your fertility team, coordinate your cycle and be your advocate throughout the entire process. Extraordinary Conceptions has been helping couples and individuals build their families through gestational surrogacy and donor egg since 2005 and our dedicated team is passionate about what we do.

  • We have the largest egg donor database in the nation with more than 3,600 egg donors ready to help you
  • As a true International agency, Extraordinary Conceptions make a concerted effort to employ staff who are multilingual so we can better communicate with our clients
  • We have gestational surrogates located in all States where surrogacy is legal as well as in Canada!
  • Our S.A.F.E program (Single Agency Fee Experience) is a stress-free, no money down program available to all future parents. If the egg donor or surrogacy cycle is not successful the first time, the client may proceed with another donor or surrogate until positive results are achieved without paying another agency fee. *Some restrictions apply.
  • With our Stress-Free Program, we do not require full funding at the time of match confirmation.
  • With an on-site insurance specialist, travel department, notary and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, we can anticipate and meet many of your needs that may arise during your journey

Why is the USA an ideal location for International Surrogacy & Egg Donation?

Surrogacy & Egg donation through Extraordinary Conceptions is a streamlined, legal, and a secure way for our International intended parents to reach their dreams of growing their family. In fact, applications involving US gestational surrogacy arrangements are typically much easier in legal practices to litigate vs. applications coming from some other countries as courts are reassured by the established legal practices in the USA. On top of being the safest and most secure country to go through the process with, wait times for an egg donor and/or surrogate match is greatly reduced by the huge selection of amazing and selfless women of all backgrounds and nationalities, ready to help you grow your family. This means you can reach your dreams of becoming parents quicker!

How much does International Surrogacy cost?

Costs involved are greatly affected by many factors, such as your personal situation and services required, so exact totals cannot be quoted. Our coordinators can address your unique situation with you privately. Intended Parents should note that although some other countries may be a financially cheaper option, the safety, security and legal aspects of the process should always be considered first. If you embark on your journey in the USA, you and your finances are safe and secure.

At Extraordinary Conceptions we do understand how expensive this process can be and this is why we are proud to offer our future parents the S.A.F.E program (Single Agency Fee Experience). Our S.A.F.E program is a stress-free, no money down program where if the egg donation or surrogacy cycle is not successful the first time, the client may proceed with another cycle until positive results are achieved without paying another agency fee. Some restrictions do apply. There is no other agency offering this type of guarantee

We are also proud to say that all of our surrogates are insured with a $750,000 USD life insurance policy for 2 years with the option for the former surrogate to continue after the term. To compare, other agencies offer $250,000 for one year.

Meet our International Client Relations Rep located in London, UK!

Hilary is honoured to have joined the Extraordinary Conceptions team as the International Client Relations Representative. Originally from Toronto, Canada she now resides in London, UK with her husband and two young daughters, Ayla and Brynn. Hilary’s role as the International Client Relations Rep allow her to assist international clients navigate and grow their families through surrogacy and egg donation in North America. Hilary completed her nursing education in Canada in 2005 and has been working in third party reproduction for several years in both clinical and non-clinical settings. She is passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to helping introduce, assist and support intended parents looking to grow their families through surrogacy and donor egg in the United States and Canada. 

With Extraordinary Conceptions, we take the anxiety away from your decision. Let us help you start the process of creating your family today.

Hilary is available for consults in person, over SKYPE or by phone and is there to support, guide and help our International English parents navigate the surrogacy and donor egg process in North America.


Book a consultation with Hilary by filling in the short registration form below and she will be in touch with you asap.

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Professional Affiliations

Extraordinary Conceptions has built partnerships with established IVF clinics and other fertility experts in several countries, to better serve our international clients.

Are you a Canadian intended parent, surrogate and/or egg donor? If so, please follow this link for more information on our Canadian programs & services.