Two twin babies, seven-month smiling girls covered with a white towel in bed on white sheets

In 2015, the unveiling of Surrogacy Awareness Month® will begin in March. The month long celebration is an unbridled time of hope and thanks to every surrogate, egg donor, fertility clinic, healthcare professional, attorney, and surrogate agency that brought a childless individual the love of a child.

It’s a time for all to join together and celebrate the miracle of surrogacy and the hope that it brings to intended parents.

For its debut arrival, Surrogacy Awareness Month® is encouraging communities around the globe to celebrate this special time while understanding the many diversified issues on how surrogates can help.

Surrogates are there for individuals battling infertility. It’s estimated that one in eight couples is faced with this struggle.

Surrogates also lend a compassionate hand to women who underwent cancer treatments rendering her infertile, assist a woman born without a uterus, help gay men become fathers, and so much more.

Surrogacy Awareness Month® opens the door to the gift of life every single day. An inspirational lapel ribbon was designed to enhance awareness of surrogacy. The hope is that it be worn not only in March but every month.

One may ask, “Who are these women that become surrogates?”

The answer is simple. They are a compassionate and altruistic group of women who cannot bear the thought of knowing that someone cannot carry a baby through pregnancy. Surrogates have had their own child and experience a “calling” they cannot ignore.

Distinctive in every way, these women come from all backgrounds such as healthcare professionals, teachers, military wives, stay-at-home moms, to executives. Their resolve to help people build a family is at their very core.

As mentioned earlier, surrogacy cannot be done alone. It takes a team of dedicated and compassionate professionals to champion this incredible journey. This month offers a moment of hope, reflection and thanks. All who take part in this path are truly united.

The mission of Surrogacy Awareness Month® is to recognize intended parents, surrogates and egg donors. It’s a time to celebrate and support intended parents who choose the path of surrogacy. This awareness month helps aspire all by learning about the hope that surrogacy can bring.

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