Every woman has the right to be a mother; however, sometimes life may toss incredibly difficult hurdles, such as infertility. It’s a heartbreaking hindrance for so many women.

The month of May can bring both joy and sadness to women. For those struggling with infertility, Mother’s Day can take an emotional toll. At every turn, there is a nuance celebrating this annual tradition.

Mother’s Day, and days leading up to it, can be heart wrenching.

For women who have undergone countless fertility treatments to no avail, there comes a time in her life when she may begin to think of alternatives such as surrogacy. And every woman arrives at this decision at her own time through thoughtful consideration.

Lisa Ritter, a two-time surrogate at Extraordinary Conceptions, has shared the profound joy she has experienced being a surrogate. When Mother’s Day arrives, she not only celebrates the day with her own children, but it’s a day where she pauses and thinks of the women she helped by carrying their babies.

“I was always interested in becoming a surrogate to help others and had two older friends that used surrogates to have their children,” Ritter said. “It was an easy decision to make because I wanted to help someone complete their family.”

As a surrogate, the days leading up to the birth were incredibly exciting not only for the intended parents but also Ritter.

Both times the babies were delivered via cesarean section.

After each surgery, Ritter said the newborn and the mother went to their room as she was taken to hers.

“Once I was able to have visitors, the mother would bring the baby to my room to see me. With both my journeys the intended mothers brought the baby into my room every day until they were released from the hospital,” said Ritter, noting how she was in the hospital a little longer due to the C-section.

As a mother, Ritter could never imagine someone enduring the emotional and physical pain of infertility. Becoming a surrogate was a calling. Each time she saw the intended mother hold her baby, pure happiness followed.

“I was overwhelmed with joy, and felt so much appreciation from my intended mothers,” she said. “Seeing them with their babies for the first time was the most overwhelming and rewarding experiences I have ever had.”

While Ritter has received countless joy as a surrogate, the intended mothers cannot even begin to express the gratitude they feel each and every day. In the same breath, Ritter said she is the one who is truly honored that they chose her to carry their baby.

“The experience of surrogacy has changed me,” Ritter said. She continued, “I am more compassionate, more patient, and I want to do so much more to help those who cannot conceive on their own. My family, including my husband and children, now know what it means to help others, even for those you do not know.”

With hope, motherhood is possible.

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