New Surrogate Admissions Team Member Joins EC

EC announces its newest surrogacy admissions team member, Breana.

The Extraordinary Conceptions Family recently announced its newest surrogacy admissions team member, Breana. While each and every one of its compassionate personnel are exceptional, Breana comes to the agency with her own special history: A repeat surrogate.

Her first surrogacy journey was in July of 2013, and her second, just this past April.

Breana decided to become a surrogate after having her own two sons. Her boys are now six and five years old.

“I was young when I had my kids – I knew when I was 21 that I was done building my family,” she said.

The thought of future pregnancies percolated in her mind, but Breana knew she didn’t want to raise any more children. So Breana had a candid talk with her doctor.

“She mentioned the idea of surrogacy because I was still so young, and after speaking with her, I started my research,” Breana said. “That’s how I got into it.”

Breana’s first journey was helping intended parents who lived in the States while the second journey was making parenthood dreams come true for international intended parents who lived in China. While each surrogacy was incredibly special, Breana described her first as a learning process, and the second one added another level of joy because she was more familiar with what surrogacy entailed.  

“The birth is really the most memorable experience,” she said. “Seeing my intended parents hold their baby for the very first time was incredible.”

While Breana would love to be a surrogate once again, she has to shelve that notion because of the four caesarian sections she has undergone. But for Breana, she knew there was a different road she could take to somehow be involved in future surrogacies. And that way was serving as a surrogacy admissions team member at Extraordinary Conceptions. 

Breana appreciates the fact that she can help navigate surrogate candidates through a life-changing journey filled with lifelong memories. Her personal journeys and insights into being a repeat surrogate is such a welcome to so many women interested in helping intended parents who want to build their own family tree.

“Extraordinary Conceptions is an outstanding agency,” Breana said. “Their screening process for surrogates is so impressive and their surrogates are truly at an elite level.”