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With a New Year approaching, new possibilities multiply for childless couples and individuals all over the world. In 2015, building a family can become a reality.

Surrogacy becomes a viable option for couples when they are unable to conceive. While surrogacy is never the first choice in starting a family, it emerges as one after battling infertility.  Many couples have come to Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international egg donor and surrogate agency for help.

What makes this agency so unique is not only its brilliant reputation, but its founders sought the help of surrogacy following their heartbreaking infertility. Their incredible surrogacy journey gave them twins more than 10 years ago.

Firsthand, Extraordinary Conceptions understands the exhausting infertility treatments and the heartbreak of failed attempts.

This sterling agency includes former surrogates and egg donors, an IVF nurse, and a previous office manager for a regarded IVF physician. Other team members fluently speak numerous foreign languages welcoming future parents from all over the world. Some support staff are native to foreign countries and have close ties to its culture.

This regarded agency understands that other reasons for surrogacy may include medical issues and an underlying health problem which could be aggravated by pregnancy.

Gay husbands are also attracted to the idea of surrogacy if they want a biological link to their child.

While these examples paint a portrait of surrogacy, the emotional satisfaction Extraordinary Conceptions witnesses on the faces of future parents’ everyday have left boundless indelible imprints.

While a biological link to the baby is possible for particular couples and individuals, Extraordinary Conceptions also offers egg donors, when needed. Both surrogates and donors have passed a rigorous medical and psychological screening.

Future parents have the opportunity to accompany their surrogates’ obstetrics appointments with her. As each month passes, everyone is afforded the wonder of pregnancy. These special moments are incredibly gratifying to both the future parents and surrogates.

When the day of the birth arrives, intended parents may be in the delivery room to experience the miracle of birth.

With integrity at the forefront, Extraordinary Conceptions associates itself with prominent attorneys who are adept in national and international assisted reproduction law. When a surrogate delivers a baby, the intended parents’ will have their names on their newborn’s birth certificate.

Extraordinary Conceptions has had the honor to take part in a myriad of surrogate births ensuring that everyone has the right to the love of a child. And they are honored to help many more people in 2015.

To reach Extraordinary Conceptions, please call 760-438-2265. Please visit its database of egg donors and surrogates at