New Year’s Resolution: Surrogacy

Being a surrogate is a powerful way of giving back.

As we approach the mid part of January, some may still be wondering what their New Year’s resolutions might be. It may be a long list of self-improvement commitments or even one powerful way of giving back: become a surrogate.

Being a surrogate for intending parents who are trapped in a world of infertility is by far one of the most incredible acts someone can do for another person. Surrogates are women who already have children and have experienced the joy of motherhood. They cannot fathom the idea of those who are unable to experience the pure love of a child. The mere thought of such a void triggers an inner sense of compassion and the immediate reaction to help.

Just think how a surrogate could aid a cancer survivor who has been rendered infertile after treatments, a woman who was born without a uterus, a woman who has a low egg reserve, or a woman who is not able to carry to full term. A surrogate’s empathy may also stretch towards equality and the LGBT community so gay husbands can finally become fathers.

A surrogate can transform a hope into a reality, and she has the distinct ability to touch lives all over the world.

In celebration of the New Year, we here at Extraordinary Conceptions have decided to offer the largest signing bonus ever given named the “$2,016 Surrogate Signing Bonus.” In addition to receiving top-tier surrogate benefit packages beginning at $40,000 for single births and $50,000 for twins, new surrogates also have the opportunity to receive a $2,016 signing bonus if they complete the admission process up until January 31, 2016.

With the end of January nearing, it’s advised to start the application as soon as possible or to take advantage of our complimentary surrogate personal prescreening consult where all questions about the journey can be answered. A couple members from our select admissions team are also former surrogates with Extraordinary Conceptions.

Helping an individual or couple build a family through surrogacy remains one of the most powerful New Year’s resolutions, ever.

Bonus Incentives Eligibility:

To qualify for the New Year’s $2,016 Surrogate Signing Bonus, the surrogate applicant must complete the application/registration by January 31, 2016. Bonuses are paid once all legal contracts are signed and according to the month the initial application is submitted. To begin the application process today, please visit Extraordinary Conceptions at or call at 760-438-2265.