Young Father Playing with Newborn Baby Girl
While Father’s Day in the USA approaches this weekend and will leave behind memories, for some men it is a reminder they are childless. Be it infertility, sexual orientation or even a medical issue, there are many men who experience a deep-rooted parental void.

While verbal dialogue is available to women who suffer from infertility, for men it may not be so accessible. In fact, professionals share that men may sometimes suffer alone in silence if they do not have a compassionate person to listen to them.

Despite any feeling of helplessness, there is always a sense of hope on the horizon. If one pathway of fatherhood is blocked with hurdles, there is always a detour.

And that way may be through surrogacy.

At Extraordinary Conceptions, a California surrogacy and egg donor agency, they have helped countless men achieve the dreams of parenthood. While surrogacy truly is a teamwork approach, everyone contributes in one way or another as a part of the process.

For more than a decade, Extraordinary Conceptions continues to warmly reflect on so many parenthood journeys for intended fathers who never thought it was possible.

When Extraordinary Conceptions receives word from its intended fathers, it further fuels their desire to help more individuals become parents. Recently, the agency received these heartfelt words.

“It was the moment I finished feeding both the boys, and the first time day I brought them home from the hospital, I realized I really became a dad,” said Anthony.

He went on to share that those initial “new parent worries” completely vanished and confidence then emerged.

“Ever since that realization, and every time I thought about my boys, I was filled with joy and a hopeful vision for their future.”

Anthony went on to say that the happiness the children have brought to him and his partner and their families is endless.

“Each time the boys do new things, along with those cheeky smiles, it makes fatherhood all so worth it,” he said. “There is not one day we have stopped being grateful to the most amazing woman who brought them to this wonderful world and also those who helped us achieve this.”

When one is not able to have a baby through traditional means, there are options to bridge that gap. By being proactive and embarking on an extraordinary surrogacy journey, the miracle of life can begin.

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