Parenthood Through Surrogacy

When people decide on parenthood through surrogacy, finding the right surrogacy agency matters.

When future parents decide on surrogacy to build their family, it wasn’t a decision made in haste. People who achieve parenthood through surrogacy gave it a lot of thought. When they reach this point, it’s both a financial and emotional commitment.


Finding the Right Surrogacy Agency Matters

While there are many surrogacy agencies around the world, finding the right one makes all the difference. A reputable surrogacy agency makes the process as smooth as possible. In addition to rigorous screening for both surrogates and egg donors, they network with top shelf IVF specialists and clinics, knowledgeable surrogacy attorneys, and only employ professional and compassionate team members.

It’s essential that future parents do their homework. In addition to a checklist, it’s always important to compare the differences in agencies.

Examples of this include the following:

  • Does an agency have an in-house therapist?
  • How many surrogates and egg donors does it have in their database?
  • What’s the medical screening process for surrogates and egg donors?
  • What types of life insurance coverage does it offer their gestational carriers?
  • How do they gather potential surrogate matches for intending parents?
  • What are the agency fees?

Many top agencies in the USA, primarily surrogacy agencies in California where there are surrogacy-friendly laws, have clients from around the world. Find an agency that has a team member who speaks the native language needed.


Parenthood Through Surrogacy

The Track Record for Parenthood Through Surrogacy

Partner with a surrogacy and egg donor agency with a track record — it matters. Experience means everything in this business. As mentioned before, surrogacy is an emotional and financial commitment. Future parents who decide on surrogacy need to depend on the company and team members who have the knowledge and skill that it takes to help create a family.

With that said, find out how many successful surrogacies they do every year.

And if they have been in business for more than a decade, that speaks volumes.


Parenthood Through Surrogacy

There’s Never Too Much Communication

Depending on the needs and wants of future parents, everyone needs communication with their surrogacy agency. The most significant complaints clients have is that they weren’t regularly informed.

When interviewing potential companies, be sure there is a good connection from the very beginning. The surrogacy process is a long journey so working with the right people means everything.


 Parenthood Through Surrogacy

Find Out the Reason Why

It’s important to learn why an agency started. What made the founder get involved in the surrogacy industry in the first place? If there is a personal reason behind why they opened their business, get those details.

For example, if the owner of a business had a surrogate to carry their child due to infertility or another reason, they will understand the feelings and emotions of future parents. There will likely be a higher level of care and emotional support for both intending parents and gestational carriers.