EC Welcomes Former Surrogate

Extraordinary Conceptions received a warm welcome in Europe from couples who wanted to learn more about egg donation and surrogacy.  Headquartered in the U.S.A., Extraordinary Conceptions,  an international agency, helps make the dream of parenthood for people all over the globe a reality.

A sense of “family” has always been their inspiration, including international intended parents.

Within the last 10 years, Extraordinary Conceptions has helped individuals, couples, and the LGBT communities become parents through egg donation and surrogacy.

Their recent 10-day European trip included visits to Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, and Paris.

Mario Caballero, Executive Director at Extraordinary Conceptions, described the trip as a rewarding journey where he had the opportunity to educate and answer questions about egg donation and surrogacy.

While Caballero spoke about the agency and the various options in becoming parents, a regarded in vitro fertilization medical doctor, was also on hand.

The meetings in each country were small and intimate, lasting up to five hours, with no more than five couples in attendance.

Small groups give individuals the chance to get personalized attention in learning more about egg donation and surrogacy. Likewise, a couple might ask a question that another person hadn’t thought of before – this type of dialogue is what makes these tailored sessions so remarkable.

If a local translator was needed in a particular country, Caballero secured one.

“In many respects, surrogacy is still unknown in many parts of the world, and in some countries, against the law,” Caballero said.  “Because of this, there is a lack of knowledge and we were there to fill that educational gap.”

When word got out that Extraordinary Conceptions was visiting Europe again, a trip they normally do three times a year, there was a stir of excitement and hope.

Caballero said the people who attended the educational reception ranged from couples facing infertility, those who have had pervious cancer treatments who were unable to conceive, women who were born without a uterus, and gay couples.

Everyone had their own story to share and Extraordinary Conceptions was there to listen.

Caballero said the one common theme they saw after each meeting was a sense of hope.

“They walk away with hope because we sometimes see people who think they can’t have a child, but we teach them that there is an opportunity and a way,” he said.

Caballero has an innate ability to connect with people because he went through infertility challenges with his wife 20 years ago.  After deciding on a surrogate, the dream of a family came true with twins.

His children are now 12 years of age.

When he and his wife went down the surrogate path more than a decade ago, the success rate was 30 to 40 percent, Caballero said.

Times have changed and these numbers have skyrocketed.

“Nowadays, with medical technology and everything that is offered, there is no longer a small speck of light when you are looking through that tunnel – now that ‘light of hope’ is huge,” he said. Caballero went on to say, “If you are using an egg donor and surrogate with a good IVF doctor you are looking at a success rate of 80 to 90 percent.”

Naturally, after hearing such great statistics as this, the dreams of parenthood began to emerge at each educational reception. Caballero explains to the people he meets that the process in having a baby may take a minimum of a year to a year-and-a-half.

“Initially, starting and working your way through the first steps is the hardest part, but when people are armed with the knowledge beforehand, they are excited to move forward in creating the family they were meant to have,” he said.  “Everyone deserves the love of a child and no one should be denied that right.”

Extraordinary Conceptions plans to return to Europe once again in September visiting Italy and France.  This time around, Caballero’s wife, the founder of Extraordinary Conceptions, Stephanie Caballero, will champion the educational receptions. For anyone interested in attending one of these special meetings, please contact Stephanie Caballero directly at [email protected] for a private consultation.