Part 1: Kristie Prepares for Her Surrogacy Delivery

Kristie B., a two-time surrogate who had a recent interview on Access Hollywood with Alex Hudgens, prepares for her surrogacy delivery date in the next few weeks.

Many know Kristie B., a surrogate at Extraordinary Conceptions, for her great interview about surrogacy on Access Hollywood last month. Now she’s 36 weeks pregnant (and counting) and getting ready for her surrogacy delivery.

Here’s what people want to know about Kristie, a two-time surrogate, who is preparing for the big day.


Does It Feel Like the Delivery Is Getting Closer?

According to Kristie, she felt like her surrogacy delivery date was nearing for a few weeks now. The Braxton Hicks contractions have taken over much of the movement on her stomach.

“Maybe I realize it more laying and sitting down so much, but my stomach really tightens a lot these past few weeks,” she said. “One day I counted 20 hardening and tightening movements on my stomach that last for at least 10 seconds. I’m hoping I can at least make it to two more weeks, and this baby will continue to grow and thrive inside me before she makes her debut.”

That’s right, Kristie is carrying a baby girl for her intending parents.

Part 1: Kristie Prepares for Her Surrogacy Delivery

How Frequent Are the Doctor Visits?

Starting last week, Kristie said she has weekly visits with her OB-GYN. Before that, she was seeing them every two weeks.

Her surrogacy journey officially began on June 17, 2017. Kristie’s due date is on March 5, 2018.


Part 1: Kristie Prepares for Her Surrogacy Delivery

What Does She Like Most About Being Pregnant? 

For those that know Kristie, she loves being pregnant.

“I enjoy feeling the baby kick inside of me and the dynamics of my family and how they treat me when I’m pregnant,” she said.  “Strangers are nicer to pregnant women, too.”

Right now, Kristie is on bedrest, and her family has been incredible. Kristie is married and has three children ages 18, 14, and 9.

“Everyone in the family has learned to chip in and help around the house. It’s really been an amazing thing to watch. I’ve been so proud of them and tell each of them how happy I am that they have learned to look out for one another and help this household continue to run,” Kristie said.


Part 1: Kristie Prepares for Her Surrogacy Delivery

How Are the Energy Levels?

Like most women at this stage of pregnancy, Kristie’s energy levels vary each and every day. Kriste said that on most days, she tries to get out of her bedroom and sit out on the patio to watch her three French Bulldogs playing outside.

“Other times, I play board games with the kids, and watch movies with them at home,” she said. “And the only driving I do is to pick my kids up from school. It’s nice to have a teenage driver to grab groceries if we need them, and she helps me cook or I should say I help her cook.”


Part 1: Kristie Prepares for Her Surrogacy Delivery
Any Pampering Time?

It’s all about the pedicures.

“I have been splurging on two-hour pedicures complete with a massage, rose petals in the water, and heating stones to help with my swollen ankles,” Kristie said.

All in all, Kristie is enjoying the moment.


Stay tuned for Part Two of Kristie’s interview in the days ahead.