Part 2: Kristie Prepares for Her Surrogacy Delivery

Kristie’s family will be with her for the surrogacy delivery.

Ever since Kristie B.’s interview with Access Hollywood aired last month, people have wanted to know how she is doing on her second surrogacy journey. At 37 weeks pregnant, she’s gearing up for her surrogacy delivery because it’s just around the corner.


How Excited Are You About the Surrogacy Delivery?

Kristie says she is excited about the delivery. She has been on bed rest, so she is looking forward to delivering this baby girl for her intending parents.

“It’ll be another amazing experience and gift to give this baby to her new family who has waited so long for her,” Kristie says. “Mariah, my 18-year-old, wants to be there for the entire process of the birth, and I’m excited for her to experience it. She also accompanied me to the actual IVF process and took care of me in the hotel room.”


Part 2: Kristie Prepares for Her Surrogacy Delivery

How Far Are You from The Hospital?

According to Kristie, she’s about 10 minutes away from the hospital when those contractions come. Kristie says her whole family wants to be there for the birth or shortly after.

She suspects that her husband, Orrin, and Mariah will tag team the responsibilities.

“If Mariah is at school, I told her I’d call her in for this miraculous moment,” Kristie shares.


Part 2: Kristie Prepares for Her Surrogacy Delivery

What Are You Looking Forward to Most After the Birth?

Believe it or not, Kristie is looking forward to exercising again.

“I know it sounds crazy, but I used to walk every day and occasionally jog — I really miss being outdoors,” she says, adding how she hasn’t been out as much as she likes since the bed rest orders. “Also, the kids have been wanting to go to Disneyland like we did after my last journey.  I think we’ll take them to either Disney World or on a Disney cruise since we’ve been to Disneyland three times.”

Oh, and then there is the food thing. That’ a huge deal.

“I want to eat sushi and my homemade clam chowder,” Kristie says.


Part 2: Kristie Prepares for Her Surrogacy Delivery

What Was the Support Like at Your Agency?

Kristie says the support at Extraordinary Conceptions is amazing. She describes the level of professionalism and support as top notch which makes the process a comfortable journey.

“I feel like everything will be taken care of and barely have any worries at all. I cannot say enough good things about Jenn Garcia. I’m so happy that she is my coordinator and friend through both of my journeys,” Kristie said.


Part 2: Kristie Prepares for Her Surrogacy Delivery

What Else Would You Like to Share?

Kristie is really looking forward to having this surrogate baby. Her intending mother tells her how they will be forever friends – she’ll stay in contact with Kristie long after the delivery and send photos.

“It’s really been the greatest gift I could offer to a family, and I’m very proud of myself for these journeys,” Kristie says. They have not only changed another family’s dynamics but have also changed my own family for the better.”