Part One: Kristie Talks Surrogacy On Access Hollywood

Kristie, a two-time surrogate, flies halfway across the country to talk about surrogacy on Access Hollywood.

It’s one thing to be on television as part of your career. It’s another to have never been on TV and fly halfway across the country to be on a show and talk about surrogacy on Access Hollywood. Kristie B., a two-time surrogate with Extraordinary Conceptions, had this chance. The show was aired in January, days after Kim Kardashian’s surrogate gave birth to their daughter, Chicago.


When Did You Find Out You Would Be Talking About Surrogacy on Access Hollywood?

On her second surrogacy journey, Kristie was about eight weeks pregnant. She was in the grocery store with her husband when her cell phone rang. It was her case coordinator from Extraordinary Conceptions, Jenn Garcia.

“Jenn told me that Extraordinary Conceptions had been invited by Access Hollywood to do a piece on surrogacy. They chose me and asked if I was up to it,” she says. “I was shocked at first and needed Jenn to repeat herself.”

A week later, and when most of the shock wore off, Kristie flew from Texas to California.


Part One: Kristie Talks Surrogacy On Access Hollywood

Were You Treated Like A Star?

Absolutely. People were hovering over Kristie doing her hair and makeup.

“It was so special. I seriously felt like a princess,” Kristie shares. “Two wonderful ladies came to my hotel room early in the morning.”

In about an hour, Kristie was camera ready.


Part One: Kristie Talks Surrogacy On Access Hollywood

 Was The Filming Like You Imagined?

Kristie’s filming took place in a private residence. Before the cameras rolled, she had a friendly conversation with Alex Hudgens, the person who interviewed her.

“It was definitely warm under those bright lights. The Access Hollywood crew set up two chairs facing each other for Alex to interview me. I was so nervous at first, but Alex has an easy way about her that helped me to relax,” Kristie says.

Kristie was a real pro and a natural. She only messed up once she says when talking about surrogacy on Access Hollywood.

“I sort of went off on a tangent talking about something and realized I had forgotten what her question even was. We just laughed it off and continued,” she says.

Kristie was surprised that she didn’t hear the crew yell out, “Cut” or the loud snap of the film clapperboard. The cameras just rolled on.

The filming then continued outside as Kristie and Alex went for a stroll.

From start to finish, the interview lasted about an hour. The segment was less than five minutes.


Part One: Kristie Talks Surrogacy On Access Hollywood

What Types of Things Did You Talk About?

Kristie says she and Alex talked so much about surrogacy. And in all honesty, Kristie said most of it ended up on the editing room floor.

“We talked about how my family and friends reacted when I told them I’d decided to become a gestational surrogate, what disapproving people had said to me, and how my religion played a part in this journey,” she says. “What also didn’t make the cut was why I chose to go with Extraordinary Conceptions for my second journey and my awesome coordinator Jenn Garcia.”


Stay tuned for Part 2 with Kristie!