Part Two: Kristie Talks Surrogacy On Access Hollywood

Kristie, a two-time surrogate for Extraordinary Conceptions, shares what it was like to talk about surrogacy on Access Hollywood.

Extraordinary Conceptions recently had one of their surrogates talk about surrogacy on Access Hollywood. It was the first time that Kristie B. was ever on television, let alone on national syndication. Here’s part two of her time on Access Hollywood during her interview with Alex Hudgens.


What Was It Like to See Yourself Talking About Surrogacy on Access Hollywood?

Kristie describes the feeling as seeing herself on television as utterly surreal. Her family watched the January episode together smiling the entire time. And there were a few laughs, too.

“My kids feel like they are famous because Access Hollywood showed our family photos,” says Kristie, adding how the kids also talked about it on Instagram. “Their teachers at school who watched the show asked them questions the next day. My kids were so  happy – they are experts when it comes to my surrogacy journeys because they hear me talk about it so much with other people.”

If Kristie could do it all over again, she would have changed the camera angle.

“The camera definitely added 10 pounds, or I was seriously swollen from the meds,” she says, laughing.

Kristie was happy to hear the post-airing feedback. Everyone thought she looked amazing and her personality shined through on camera.

“It looked like I was having a conversation with a friend. Access Hollywood did a great job portraying us in that manner,” she shares.


Part Two: Kristie Talks Surrogacy On Access Hollywood

What Did You Like About the Experience? 

Kristie, a two-time surrogate, is quick to point out how it was an honor to be on Access Hollywood. While she loved the filming of it all, she’ll never forget the people she met. One person was her surrogacy coordinator, Jenn. She had a ton of communication with Jenn for both of her journeys but says being on the show gave her the opportunity see Jen in person.

“I loved getting to meet my surrogacy coordinator Jenn and Extraordinary Conceptions’ public relations person, Christina.  She was like my second mom on that trip making sure I was where I needed to be and taken care of all the time,” she says. “It was also great to meet everyone at the Extraordinary Conceptions’ headquarters like Pavla who schedules my traveling and Jane who helps with my insurance, and the CEO, Mario Caballero.”

For Kristie, it was a fantastic experience spending time with her coordinator, Jenn. She met the one person who has been there for her every step of the way during her surrogacy journeys.


Part Two: Kristie Talks Surrogacy On Access Hollywood

Do You Have A Favorite Filming Day Memory?

One standout memory for Kristie was talking with Alex when the cameras were not rolling.

“I told Alex this was my fifth pregnancy and that I wasn’t worried about my body bouncing back. I knew I’d have the chance to work on it,” she explains. “It was about the miracle I was providing for my intending parents — helping a family was worth the extra weight.”


Part Two: Kristie Talks Surrogacy On Access Hollywood

Would You Ever Be On Television Again?

Absolutely. But there’s one change Kristie would make if there were a next time.

“I’ll make sure they get my good angle,” she says.