Things that potential surrogates want to know can be answered by team members at a surrogacy agency even before they apply.

Things that potential surrogates want to know can be answered by team members at a surrogacy agency even before they apply.

When a woman decides she wants to become a surrogate, she will likely have a lot of questions before she even applies to a surrogacy agency. Here are some common things that potential surrogates want to know.


What Potential Surrogates Want To Know

Can A Woman Be A Surrogate If She Never Had Children?

No, she cannot. One of the requirements to be a gestational carrier is to have had given birth to one or more children. A surrogate must also have at least one child living with her during her journey.

IVF clinics want to make sure a surrogate candidate can carry a baby from pregnancy to term. A woman must also like being pregnant. Also, she cannot have any previous pregnancy or delivery complications. IVF specialists compare a woman’s earlier pregnancies and deliveries as a way to determine her future pregnancies.

On the other hand, women, without children, between the ages of 18 to 29 can always consider egg donation. Egg donors don’t need to have a pregnancy history and can still make parenthood dreams come true.


What Potential Surrogates Want To Know

Surrogates Want To Know If Future Parents Pick Them

The answer is that a potential surrogate and future parents pick each other. At a surrogacy agency, a team member will have a pretty good idea on a match between the intending parents and surrogate candidates based on their interviews. If intending parents like a candidate’s profile, then the surrogate has a chance to view the profile of her possible intending parents.

When both sides agree on the next step, they can speak to each other through video conferencing like Skype or by phone. If the interview goes well, the intending parents and the surrogate candidate will tell the agency coordinator who will then make the “match” official.

The bottom line is that the surrogate will have control over choosing her intending parents. She will be able to pick the parents whose baby she wants to carry. Their future parents could be in an international or domestic couple, a same-sex couple, or single person who can’t wait to be a parent.


What Potential Surrogates Want To Know

Will A Surrogate Have A Support System at The Agency?

Yes, she will. At reputable surrogacy agencies, a surrogate will have a surrogacy coordinator and a counselor on hand to help. Select agencies may take this support even further by offering what’s called a care coordinator who checks in regularly on their surrogates.

A care coordinator offers a shoulder to lean on and provides some great advice through all the surrogacy stages. One example of this is when others notice the pregnancy and are unaware of the surrogacy. Technology has come a long way, so surrogacy is all about educating others.


What Potential Surrogates Want To Know

What Should an Applicant Look For In A Surrogacy Agency?

There are several things a woman should research in looking for an agency. First off, be sure they have official headquarters and have been in the industry for a decade or more. Asking for surrogacy agency referrals from a third-party reproductive attorney, OB-GYN, or former surrogates is also on the top of the list.

When choosing between a few, pick an agency that has the best communication possible. Surrogacy is a long process. Find people who work at an agency to be kind, compassionate, and professional.