Preparing Kids for Preschool

Planning ahead will set children up for preschool success.

While entering the month of August, a group of parents are gearing up to prepare their kids for preschool. For the many parents who have gone through this, they can attest to the fact that it’s a big step. Not only is preparing the kids a good idea right around this time, but moms and dads need to fine-tune their own mindset and schedules for a smooth transition.

The Preschool Search

Right about now, parents have a clear idea on where they are going to send their children for preschool. For moms and dads that are still deciding between schools, here are some guidelines to help make that final decision.

Skilled and credentialed teachers who are specifically educated in early childhood development will enhance the experience for children in a preschool setting. When visiting a preschool, assess that the teachers have a wonderful rapport with the children and are promoting their self-esteem, confidence, and social communication skills.

Children should be engaged with their teachers, teacher’s assistants, and fellow classmates. Make certain there is a low child-to-teacher ratio to ensure that children are receiving individualized attention.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children provides a helpful chart for reference.

While teacher experience is crucial, also assess the school’s environment regarding healthy food choices and snacks, safety, security, and all levels of sanitation.

The Positivity Path

A few weeks before preschool begins, educational professionals agree that parents start chatting with their children about their new adventure in wonderful and fun ways of engagement. Don’t stay on the topic for too long, but when there is a chance to interject something exciting about preschool, do so. Through the interplay of the dialogue, find a happy balance in having your child look forward to this new chapter.

Schedule a Visit

If possible, have your child join you for a scheduled visit to meet the teacher and other children. It doesn’t need to be a long visit, a short one will do. On the drive home, talk about all the great things they saw in the classroom.

A few visits are usually recommended.

On weekends, many parents found driving by the school or even walking around the campus an excellent way to help their children with the preschool transition.

Establish Daily Routines

Parents are advised to establish a daily routine to help streamline the preschool experience for their children. Preschools have a schedule they adhere to so implementing a schedule at home can be a helpful tool. Home schedules with charts can include the following:

  • Morning and evening bedtime habits
  • Mealtimes
  • Reading and playtime
  • Break times
  • Cleanup time

And more….

Planning ahead will set children up for success while providing parents with more peace of mind for the entire family.