Referring a Surrogate Offers Rewards

Leading surrogacy agencies have been known to gift a surrogate referral up to $1,000. 

Surrogacy has quickly become an important part of not only American culture but really around the world. With the help of third-party reproduction, individuals and couples who were unable to overcome infertility challenges can have their baby through gestational surrogacy. And same-sex couples and individuals can also turn to egg donation and surrogacy to become fathers.

It takes a dedicated team for a surrogacy journey. And many times, it begins with referring a surrogate. While the demand for surrogates continues to climb, leading agencies have been giving a monetary “Thank you.” For example, some surrogacy agencies have been known to give a $1,000 Visa gift card to the person who referred the surrogate after her screenings and contracts have been signed. A referral enriches the human and financial experience.

And a new surrogate’s compensation can begin at $40,000.

Look around, and one may actually know of a friend or family member who would make a perfect surrogate — a mother between the ages of 21 to 39 who would love to help someone make their parenthood dreams come true.

Former Surrogate Referrals

Women who have been surrogates before are an excellent source for referrals. In fact, many have even embarked on a couple of journeys. Although former surrogates may not be able to carry again for intended parents, they can still take part in the surrogacy process through their own referrals. Their instincts lead the way and they know if a mother who enjoys being pregnant would make a compassionate surrogate. And when a candidate becomes a surrogate, former surrogates are elated.

The BMI Formula

Some mothers who meet all the requirements of being an outstanding surrogate are sometimes put on a “brief” hold if their BMI exceeds 30. And this category may also pertain to former surrogates who want to repeat their memorable journey.

A healthy weight is something that many strive for, and for those wanting to become a surrogate, aiming for a healthy weight is certainly a wonderful goal to achieve.

The Power of a Referral

There is a pool of women who have not started their families, are past their reproductive years, or do not qualify to become a surrogate. Just because they don’t qualify, doesn’t mean they cannot refer.

For women in this category, they often admit when they introduce the topic of surrogacy among a group of women, one might share that she has thought about becoming a surrogate.

The power of a referral can give intending parents what they always dreamt about: a beautiful baby.