FreeDigitalPhotos by Tom Clare

FreeDigitalPhotos by Tom Clare

At Extraordinary Conceptions,taking a leap from the ordinary into the extraordinary is what we do best. In fact, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

For future parents who decide to embark on the surrogacy pathway, at first, it may seem as if it’s a daunting task which awaits them. At Extraordinary Conceptions, we make the process joyful and seamless so everyone can fulfill their aspirations of parenthood.

Headquartered in Southern California, our leading international egg donor and surrogate agency also has an office in Colorado.

So many couples and individuals who visit with us are astounded by our proficiency coupled with sincere care. After combing through different organizations, when future parents discover Extraordinary Conceptions, they realize it is the perfect agency.

Their future family can bloom with us.

The founders of the agency struggled with their own infertility and had their children via surrogacy more than a decade ago. Facing their own fertility hurdles, they immediately knew when opening Extraordinary Conceptions, it would become a safe haven for future parents, surrogates and egg donors.

With this conviction, they created two novel, elite programs.

The first is called the Single Agency Fee Experience Program also referred to as S.A.F.E. When future parents partner with Extraordinary Conceptions, they are only required to pay a one-time agency fee. This revolutionary facet is not only well-received but regarded by many in the industry as ethically considerate.

The cornerstone of Extraordinary Conceptions is reassuring future parents they do not have to pay multiple agency fees. Unlike other agencies, we will not burden intended parents with additional costs if any issues arise with an egg donor or surrogate.

Individuals can experience the peace of mind they deserve knowing that Extraordinary Conceptions will help them handpick the right egg donor or surrogate.

In tandem with S.A.F.E., we also proudly offer the STRESS-FREE Program. Future parents do not have to pay any fees or sign any documents until their surrogate or egg donor has passed the agency’s rigorous screening process.

Extraordinary Conceptions will take care of all the surrogacy and egg donor nuances while future parents can revel in the countdown toward becoming mothers and fathers.

To learn more about Extraordinary Conceptions, please call 760-438-2265 or visit its database of surrogates and egg donors at